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Elderly Care Oradea (ECO)

Donate via Paypal to Elderly Care Oradea £

Donate via Paypal to Elderly Care Oradea $

With a growing reputation in the region for providing outstanding Elderly Care and Facility Management, the Mayor of Oradea contacted The Smiles Foundation in the summer of 2014, with a request to consider managing the City’s newest facility.

Following a £1million ($1.5million) renovation, achieved with an EU Grant, the City of Oradea revealed the large splendid facilities available for Social Services who unfortunately, did not have the resources, experience or ability to manage the size and demands of the project.

The State wanted a capable NGO (Non Government Organisation) to manage the facility, so put the option out to auction and the Smiles Foundation decided to offer a tender.


After some extensive detailed discussions and negotiations, a 10 year management agreement was signed and Smiles was awarded the contract.

We set about some changes involving the original plans for the kitchen and laundry that were thought to be out-sourced when the building was designed, but we wanted the services handled in-house. So unfortunately, in this nicely finished building, some major renovation work was required, but all was successfully completed and the new facility opened as planned in October 2014.


Employing 19 staff, by the end of 2014, ECO had 24 residents, but as the reputation of Smiles Elderly Care spread throughout the City and beyond we soon reached our capacity of 46 – and we anticipate demand continuing to be strong as we now hold a waiting list for those wanting to make ECO their home.

The facility cares for residents from various backgrounds including several ‘social cases’ unable to cover the cost of care. In these cases, Smiles looks for sponsorship from its numerous supporters which can be done by way of regular general support to the ECO facility or specific support for residents with a starting level of £10 /$15 a month.


Simona Tosity, a member of the Smiles Executive Management Team, currently oversees management of the facility, provided by Carmen Pop who is superbly assisted on site by permanent Social Assistant, Mioara Cuciula and our resident doctor, Dr Diana Dragus. The facility has specialist trained loving staff to provide quality supervision and care to the highest standard possible.

Our Care of residents in ECO, just as with our facilities at the Joint Facility of Love in Salonta, covers all needs including Medical expenses. We have a full-time Doctor on staff and Nurses on every shift around the clock. We undertake to provide whatever medical needs a resident requires and this requires enormous faith in God’s provision as of course we have no idea what a resident’s needs will become. Whatever they are when the resident first comes to ECO or JFL, doesn’t guarantee anything regards their developing needs when with us several months or even years.


This project and the people benefiting from it need your support, so please consider how you can best help whether with a monthly sponsorship or fund-raising event on behalf of the Project.

The operating cost of ECO facility is £15,000 ($19,500) per month.

The average cost of caring for a resident in ECO is £375 ($487) per month.

(Sponsored residents who leave the facility will have their allocated sponsorship transferred to
other residents in need of support).

Donate via Paypal to Elderly Care Oradea £

Donate via Paypal to Elderly Care Oradea $