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Residential Pillar

Games at JFL

JFL – Joint Facility of Love

Joint Facility of Love – Salonta : – In September 2010 – land was purchased in Salonta with the intention to build...

ECO – Elderly Care, Oradea

Elderly Care Centre – Oradea : – The reputation of Smiles providing excellent Elderly Care soon spread, especially in a society were...
Tileagd Assisted Living

TAL – Tileagd Assisted Living

Tileagd Assisted Living – Tileagd : – One of the most serious challenges we found operating our two Facilities in Salonta and...

SHC – Sunset House Cihei

SHC – Cihei : – The Smiles Foundation is always looking forward and with the City Contract for ECO being a 10-year...
Care at Home

CAH – Care at Home

Care at Home : – In addition to looking forward, Smiles is always looking at need, and how we can serve that...