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Smiles 300 Grow Club

300 Club LogoThe projects within Smiles 300 Grow Club are overseen by our Director of Operations – Maria Hava.

Maria is our longest serving employee in Smiles and has been involved with the work and community in Tileagd since she joined in 2003. At one point Tileagd was Smiles biggest and most demanding project and always has a challenging dimension due to the cultural and historical issues of the Gypsy Community in Tileagd.

Maria with the craft ladies

Tileagd Craft Project

Aurica Rostas is a prime example of the huge impact the work of Smiles has had in Tileagd. A single mother who never went to school herself, she is thrilled that her son has managed to graduate 8th grade in the Romanian system. If funds were available, he would probably go on to High School....
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Tileagd Education

Tileagd Education

Chinese philosopher – Confucius, said;  “If your plan is for a year, plant rice. If your plan is for a decade, plant trees. If your plan is for a lifetime, educate your children.” The Gypsy Community in Tileagd would never have heard of the great philosopher, Confucius. Yet, in their simple way, they were echoing...
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Tileagd Gypsy Community

From a ‘chance’ encounter with a young boy begging on the streets of Oradea (NW Romania) in 2001 has come the life-changing opportunity for an entire Roma (Gypsy) Community through support, firstly in essential humanitarian aid and then with a strategy for infrastructure development through education, health care, spiritual development and employment. The encounter in...
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Newsletters from the Educational Projects

Education Newsletter

Education Project Newsletter

Spring & Summer 2020

Our nursery in Tileagd is a very important option for many families in the community, not only Roma but Romanian as well…
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