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Maria, Dr Diana, Kevin and Adi

Reflections from Maria, February 2020

I can’t believe that already 10 years have passed since I started writing  and sharing with you ‘from my desk’ my thoughts, my experiences, my feelings, my ups and my downs, my fears and my hopes, dreams…through this page! 10 YEARS!! WOW!! With two children now, my messages rarely come ‘from my desk’ as these days, my desk is wherever I have a moment to open my computer!!!

God is faithful and that really gives me, peace, energy, hope and joy for the future!

For how many years I will still write? I do not know! Only God knows that, but what I know is that for the time He gives me the freedom to do it – I will do it!

During these 10 years I lost friends, family members, lots of dear people close to my heart. There are some that are with me still on the journey and I’m thankful to God for them! There are a few that are new, and I pray for God‘s guidance on all of us in everything we need to do.

During these 10 years, we had projects that were changed or even closed in a few cases, but also new ones that we are really thankful for!

During these 10 years, a few of my dear colleagues moved on! Some got married and moved away, some decided that for a time they will work outside of Romania, some had kids and retired from daily work with Smiles …. and some decided to give up!

TO ALL OF THEM, I say a huge thank you! I would not be the person I am today if I would not have learned something from each one of them! For the ones that are still here! YOU ARE HEROES!! Not only that you survive with having me around, but to continue doing the job we do, in the world that we live in, needs special people at heart! THANK YOU ALL!

During these 10 years, I’ve met loooots of sponsors, people that visit us here in Romania or we have visited them in UK/USA. I just want to say, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT to the work of Smiles and the people of ROMANIA. It’s not easy, no one said it would be, but thank you for not giving up on us. Some did, when things got tough or didn’t go quite like they wanted, but most stayed committed, able to understand and share the bigger vision. Because of them, God’s Work continues to make a huge impact on my country of Romania.

And to Mr Hoy and Dawn! Uffffffff …. If I start writing everything what I feel for them, this monthly update would not be enough for my space to type!!! BUT THANK YOU for everything!!!!! And thank you for your faithfulness to see this project (even to updating the web page) and not only, fulfilled month by month!

So what’s next?!?!?!?

I decided that I will change my format this year a bit! There will be months when I might share with you a song only, or a poem that spoke to me during that month! There will be a month when I talk about only one project and focus on that. There will be months where I will be sharing with you about one of my colleagues, or a beneficiary! I have new ideas, which after 10 years is probably needed! BUT above everything, I always want to share the love of the One who helps us to do all things – JESUS.

If there is one thing that I pray more for, is to know that you read the page! That you pray for us and that you come to see us face to face! It would be a real encouragement to know that WE ARE NOT ALONE in this work. God and you all ARE WITH US!
So let’s start the journey this year and share God’s love, hope, joy and faith with the people around us!

In His service

Maria Hava
Director of Operations
Smiles Romania

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