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Student Special from Smiles

Student Special from Smiles

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April 6th – 20th 2019
7, 10 or 14 days for Students at University, 6th Form School, College or other full time education.
Come and experience the work in Romania through the Smiles Projects and be blessed as you Give & Receive!
The Spring Special price is £325 per person for 7 days.

(Includes Accomodation/Food/Projects – excluding Flight & Personal  Insurance)

Come by yourself or with friends! 
For more information contact Luke Wathen-
 Smiles UK Development Ambassador:
Or 07534-079279 / 0113-276-5060 (office)

A Student Special from Smiles

Please think and pray about coming to Romania and being a part of this Student Special! I believe that you will not only enjoy the trip but get an enormous amount out of the experience.

The headline details are contained above but I just want to tell you a few more things. During your time here, you will stay at our Mission Centre in Cihei, which is in Bihor County, NW Romania. Our Centre is designed to be a safe, comfortable place to recharge and relax after time working hard on the Smiles projects.

The rooms are all en-suite and there is a recreation room upstairs.
Mission Centre Accommodation

In addition, all your food will be provided by our wonderful kitchen staff. We want to take away any worries you might have about where you will stay as that can be a barrier to you and others in committing to a foreign adventure. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the Head Office in Leeds.

With regards to what you will do in the week there are many possibilities. Smiles operates over 20 projects, from a School and Nursery to Elderly Care Homes. Our Field Project works with families, homeless people and emergency housing and there is always practical work to do in these projects, such as painting, gardening and construction work.

The key point is that a trip here to Smiles is a ‘Hands-On’ trip! Please be prepared to get your hands dirty and to try something that you have not done before, we will make sure you are safe doing any of the work but be ready to step out of your comfort zone!

We can help with booking Flights, we arrange to transfer you to and from the Airport of arrival and our professional staff will be with you each day of your stay to help with translation, local travel and understanding the projects you’ll be helping with. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at any time, I want to help!

Finally, we have had many Students come to Smiles before and here are a few things that two of them have said about their time and experiences here:

Making the decision to go to Romania with Smiles was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m not exaggerating. Going at the age of sixteen on my own seemed frightening but I did not want to leave after my week. We did so much in one week that I had loads of things to share back home and in my church. It really was an incredible experience and I received so much back from it. What Smiles is doing through the projects is incredible and deserves so much credit and support. I am honestly so thankful for what I did and experienced, it is life-changing.”

Having first come to Romania when I was just twelve, Smiles has always held a massive place in my heart. I have returned every year and now, at eighteen, I am fortunate enough to be spending six months here. I love Smiles because seeing the progress each year, in communities, families and individual lives is amazing. It’s great to get involved and work hard to see a job completed, such as helping to garden in one of the Elderly Care Centres so the residents can enjoy a beautiful space to relax in. I would highly recommend coming to Romania with Smiles, you would create so many memories; grow as a person in faith and in confidence and you would see first-hand how your contribution can really change someone’s life.

So please come, it would be wonderful to welcome you here, and the people of Romania will greatly appreciate everything you do to help!

May God bless you all,

Luke Wathen
UK Development Ambassador
The Smiles Foundation

Mobile: 07534-079279 E-mail:
Office: 0113-276-5060 E-mail:

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