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Thankful Hearts, April 2020

This month, our ‘thankful hearts’ come from two of our smaller projects but with huge needs! We are thankful for your help to support these communities in Mierlau and Rapa.

In Mierlau we support several families through the Family Care department of the Field Project. It is also the base for our Emergency Housing Unit, currently housing people who were homeless following the horror of Domestic Abuse. It is wonderful we can support these people with your help.


Rapa Community is well known to Smiles’ friends and family. A huge commitment has been given to Rapa over the past 7 years. Building new homes for each family in the community, a Hygiene facility and Church which provides space for educational and community support during the week.

These people have many challenges in their lives – but all seem to appreciate they can overcome the problems with God on their side and the day to day support provided by the Smiles Family.

Thank you for helping us be the Hands and Feet of Christ.

Please watch the video from our Thankful Hearts!

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