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God's Heart

‘Trust His Heart’, Smiles through Covid-19 Video

During our Smiles Open House in June, Trustee Mike Wildsmith shared in the devotion the fact that often in such times, it is hard to see what God’s Plan is. The Hand we are use to seeing at Work can be somewhat ‘blurred’ when there is concern, fear and caution all around. Mike shared the wonderful quote: When you can’t trace His Hand ….. Trust His Heart.

During these recent days, we all need to remember this critically important truth, but it is not always easy.

NewsongWhen Mike quoted the words, I instantly recalled a wonderful Tour in America we were able to be part of, for Nia to tour with NewSong (USA Christian Music Band), way back some 17 years ago in 2003. Dawn still has the T-shirt!

Newsong of course recorded and performed every night their incredible song ‘Trust His Heart’. Some wonderful truths are in this song, not least the response to our occasional thought that perhaps God got it wrong, when things don’t go as we hoped or planned … Please remember –
God is too wise to be mistaken, God is too good to be unkind.

I just love this truth, and the lessons I have been reminded of these past few months, will remain with me the rest of my life. I couldn’t therefore resist the challenge to mark our experience of Smiles Ministering through COVID-19 with this song and recent pictures from various projects.

During this period, we call lockdown, Smiles Staff have been out and about doing God’s Work.

Hundreds of Food Packages delivered.
Hundreds of Meals prepared for children and the elderly.
Hundreds of Supplies provided for those in need.
Hundreds of People visited to say ‘You’re not forgotten’.

All of this is a living testimony to our commitment and belief in the Words of Jesus contained in Matthew 25. Bottom line – thousands of individual opportunities to Share the Love of God. That is how we make Smiles.

Kevin Hoy
Founder & Chief Executive, The Smiles Foundation

Enjoy this VIDEO we put together to commemorate the Ministry of Smiles during COVID-19 (2020)


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