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Wish List

The Smiles Foundation Priority WISH LIST
as requested by the Romanian team.

Special Notice:  If you are in the UK, we are in need of specific items to be donated to go out to Romania. From Northern Ireland we have Containers please email:  From the mainland, the collecting point is Leeds, to head out on vans, so smaller quantities required, items can be taken/sent to Leeds for Transport to Romania as available.

It is imperative that NO deliveries are made to Leeds before discussing with Dawn precise details of items collected and proposed for delivery. This is due to limited space for storage and irregular transport trips from Leeds to Romania. Thank you.

Adult pampers – medium size
Babies Pampers – new born & under 1
Children’s Pampers – 1-3 years
Anti-bacterial liquid – eg. dettol
Baby shampoo
Heavy Duty Rubbish Bags – medium and large size
Bath sponges
Disinfectant liquid – dettol
Detergent Auto washing powder
Dish sponges
Domestos bleach
Kitchen rolls
Liquid soap
Multi-surface cream – eg. dettol
Rubber gloves cleaning – medium – large size
Shampoo for adults
Solid soap
Toilet cleaner solution
Toilet paper
Tooth paste
Window cleaner solution