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Mustard Field

A Mustard Seed, Maria, November 2020

I do not know how you are feeling when you see a field full of blooming mustard seed flowers, but I love the sight of it. Soooooo much yellow everywhere, a strong smell and yet all in all – a small seed.

The Bible says “if we have faith, as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains” … WOW – Imagine that!!! To move a mountain!!!

This past month, I experienced doing just that ‘on my own skin’.

Yes, there were LOTS OF MOUNTAINS MOVED from all around me and all because of PRAYERS!!! The prayers of so many people made the mountains to be small.

Let me tell you more, from the beginning.

October started very good for me. At the beginning of the month, we had another Zoom Open House meeting with many of our friends from the UK and America. I was sooooo happy and pleased to see them, as l missed so much this year having mission trip people around Cihei and our Projects.
On October 6th, we as a family celebrated Ștefan’s 4th birthday! I can’t believe my child is already 4 years old. I am thankful to God that he is a healthy, smart kid and certainly, full of energy!

On October 8th we had a visitor from America arrive. A new friend, Jim Dodd who was sooo curious to meet us, that he flew across the whole of America from the north-west coast and on across the Atlantic Ocean, against the Covid crisis, to spend one week with us and visit our projects. He got to know us well during a busy few days and we pray for a good future partnership, serving God together and building His kingdom Jim Doddhere in Romania. Thank you Jim for your time and we look forward to having you back soon.

As soon as Jim left Romania, problems starting to arise for us!
On October 14th Ligia and Diana from our Elderly Centre in Tileagd were diagnosed with COVID. Three days later, our accountant Corina and our doctor Diana were also diagnosed positive for Covid.

The rather ‘sour cherry’ on the cake was when on OCTOBER 19th we found out that Mr Hoy was also diagnosed with Covid-19. From the beginning of this pandemic, my prayer has been that if Mr. Hoy was to get it, I prayed it to be while he was in the UK, not in Romania. But God had other plans and HE knows best. So, we had to trust and PRAY.

On top of this, Mr Hoy received a phone call from home that one of the grandchildren had been rushed to the hospital with severe problems, potentially life threatening. Prayer was being lifted up all over the world in hours and a miracle happened. Four days later, little 7-month old Jude was home. All due to the PRAYERS from faithful people and FAITH the size of a mustard seed!

ALL of the people mentioned above are recovered or making encouraging progress. Their situations are under control BUT ONLY WITH your PRAYERS. Prayers from lots of people around the world! “People with Mustard Seed Faith” all made the mountains to move!

Now, I come to you ALL as I need your prayers. As I write this report, I received news from ECO that we have there many elderly and staff diagnosed with COVID. PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL OF THEM. WITH GOD WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOO. But the challenges are extremely difficult.

Even during COVID it seems the ‘rules’ these days around the world means our work never stops.
Maria at Tileagd
Our Nursery, thanks to God, is running great. The Tileagd school and after-school programme continue with enthusiasm. I am still delighted to see more than 40 in church on Sunday morning, and at the kids Bible Club. THIS IS WHAT will remain when all the other work is gone. The relationship with God.

Thank you very much dear friends for being there for us month by month. It is a great encouragement. Be blessed in everything you do and I pray God will keep you safe in HIS ARMS.

…. and do not forget – Faith as small as a Mustard Seed CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS. JUST HAVE FAITH!

With love in His service

Maria Hava
Director of Smiles Romania

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