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Tileagd Church Club

Thankful Hearts – Tileagd Church Club

Our future plans for Smiles projects will involve much more Christian teaching and because of that, the Church Club is an essential part in getting children to understand more about God.

Also, in the past years, we have been concerned with this and there were several programmes run for the benefit of Tileagd children, for shorter or longer periods of time.

Be it under the school setup or as a Sunday school in the church. This time we want to take it even further, by having an organized structure which will make meetings possible both for Sundays morning, but also during the week time, at least once.

One important factor currently are the restrictions around the Covid-19 situation.

As brave as we might feel in doing this, we still need to consider the limitations and the prevention measures either imposed or suggested by authorities, so we will do the best we can, under these rather unusual circumstances.

Church Club FeatureWe want to thank you on behalf of the children and their families, for enabling us to provide this service. We consider it to be very important and it is part of our new emphasis on developing a more outreach-based work under Smiles.

Tileagd children need Jesus and their future depends on this. We want to help them, and we believe sharing Jesus is actually the best way to do it. So, thank you for your support and for your prayers! Looking forward for seeing what the future holds for them!

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