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A Thankful Heart – Denis

A Thankful Student

Everybody knows and loves Denis. He is one of the little stars in our Container Village. He lives there with his mother, Ramona, and now, being a big boy, he is serious about helping her with everything he can. He goes to school every day, with almost no exceptions.
Denis and Ramona
We have known Denis since he was born. At that time, his mother and father used to live in Salard. They received a weather-proof metal container given by Smiles, to replace their improvised shelter made up of plastic and wood… And for couple of years they lived as a proper family in there. Unfortunately, Denis’ father started to drink more and more and he ended up in very bad company – this cost him almost two years of his life. Ramona and Denis had to move away from Salard and as they did not have many options, they came in the city, living as homeless people.

Once we knew of the problems that confronted them, we took them in the Container Village. That was their chance as, soon after arriving once they had settled in, both Denis and Ramona started to attend school. For a while they were in the same class, as Ramona had to go through the second-chance programme as a mature student.

The past has been difficult, but the present is not so bad. The future looks even better – Denis is grateful to have a mother and friends who care for him, people who are ready to support him to become a good man, whose destiny does not have to repeat the old thread of poverty, confusion and despair.

Thank you for being a Smiles’ supporter and for making possible such great changes in people’s lives.

To help Denis and Ramona and people like them, please support the Homeless Project.


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