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A Thankful Heart – (ECO) Elderly Care Oradea

Visiting our friends from ECO (Elderly Care, Oradea) is always a joy, as it is with all our residential centres. We are always very welcomed, and they feel good about having guests. As is usual, we do some worship songs and some praying together, but there is always a lot of anticipation for games and crafts and other things like this for enjoyment and interaction.

Everyone is happy to share and to tell their stories. And I noticed, with some surprise, that language is not really a problem, as smiling, laughing, shaking hands or hugging is ‘universal’!

So, both visitors and residents are more than happy to share and to just spend time together.

That’s why today, we want to say Thank You to those who decide to visit Romania and are willing to spend time with our beneficiaries. For them, it’s very exciting to see new faces or older friends as well, and I myself have a very warm feeling when I see that everyone sharing love and smiles.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video, and while not an interview as such, I am sure you’ll enjoy it equally as much.

Many blessings!
Adi Matis
Director of Ministry
The Smiles Foundation

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