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“Long time, no see…” from Maria Hava

Hello dear friends!

I missed you last month, as with the Dezna opening we decided that one voice will be enough rather than all of us writing about the same event.:). BUT I’m back now with new updates and loooooooots of good positive news from the last 2 months! September was a really busy month for me….not that October was any less busy!

A new academic year started in Tileagd, Rapa and Gepiu! Yes, I know many of you are waiting for updates on it, so I give you a ‘preview’ of what is coming!

Tileagd Nursery – A new beginning! 40 people register and most of the days have full attendance! Amazing! I’m happy that Monica, the director of the project, is still there but on a lesser role for now as she became a mother on October 3rd. Her family was blessed with a baby boy called David, so please pray for her and Ionut, her husband.

On the teacher’s side – Alina came back! Alleluia!! And I have 2 new additions to the teaching staff – Maria and Denisa! Lady Florica and the helper are there to support the teachers’ and provide care and food for the kids. All together, we try to do what we can do best for the children. Building a strong foundation at their early age is a very important thing. Please pray for each one of them.

Tileagd School – we have from Reception to 8 grade, 65 children. Again amazing that they are coming! Please pray that this will stay all year round, not only at the beginning of the year! 17 of them are in the 5-8 grade and 48 in the reception-4th grade!

Meda and Ghiuri are doing an amazing job even if at times they get tired and disappointed! It’s not easy to be doing the same job for 17 years….as they are not getting any younger either!!! So please pray for them as they need loooooots of encouragement and energy!

Rapa – Alina and Sami are there to support the kids that are willing to go through education. In the after-school programme we try not only to help them with the homework but also to teach them about God’s never-ending love! I’m sure that one day they will be different than their parents!

Gepiu – Ioana is what I like to think of as ‘their mum’. She loves and cares for those children more than anything else. Her passion for that project and her faithfulness is wonderful. So together with Dan and Livia she does her best to provide education, counselling, food and so many other things for the children that are coming to the centre!


Please also continue to support financially the education projects within the Smiles work! Every little helps to put a rock in the foundation for these children. Sooner or later God will bless your faithfulness through giving!!
I do urge you to come to see the work! This is much better than receiving the newsletters or reading my updates. Come to see it for yourself. I was very upset this past month, when I heard news from former supporters who had been visiting Romania, saying “Smiles is closing down all the projects except the elderly”. Especially, that only a few months ago these people were part of the Smiles family and they should know better! I guess I was particularly upset that the things being said were so untrue. It amazed me to hear it from people who I expected to be so much wiser and more mature.

However, as I trust you know from reading all the reports each month, and those of you who have visited Smiles on Mission Trips this past year, will know for sure we are not ‘closing down’. Our work is busier than ever, and we are making plans for some great new developments for the coming year.  So, I’ve asked you to Pray, to Support financially and to Come to see the work.

If you can do all 3 of these it would be great, but if you have to choose one – please choose PRAYER! This is what we all need more than anything. God hears your prayers and will answer them, according to His Will and in His time. So, I ask you above all things, to Pray.

Another project that I was heavily involved with was Dezna. I’m glad it’s done and I’m really thankful to GOD FOR EVERYTHING! If you made the journey to Romania for the opening, I want to say TAHNK YOU. The same for all the people that were with us in prayer and spirit!! THANK YOU!!! PRAY FOR A BLESSED 2020 in Dezna and I’m sure God in His faithfulness, will bring big things out of it!

Other projects that were on ‘my desk’ these past 2 months were Family Care project and the Homeless project that are now under the Field Project, which also covers Community support. Yes, we still have these projects too.

We keep updating you with the progress on changes and development and I’m sure that by the end of this year we will have the final structure in place. I can’t tell you more now, but I ask you to PRAY for some very exciting developments being discussed!!!

It is hard to be in the middle ground. Like having the list of families that were supported by Smiles for the last 10-15 years! Yes, most of them did progress, therefore it’s time to move on. I understand the fact that change is not always nice and many times I was against it! BUT when I see a new family with 3 kids needing desperate help while my old family got comfortable in the position they are in, I need to look close and decide who do we help as £20/$30 is an important resource, and must be used wisely. The one that has a 9-year old child who is diabetic – for them the money would mean the urgent medicine for a month and the family that got too comfortable in the position they were in treats the money as a bonus!!

We need wisdom and prayer for taking the best decisions. It’s not an easy job as the needs are always there and always big. I would not like to be the one who ultimately must decide how we use the money donated, but I know those decisions are taken with great concern to do God’s Will.

I’ll stop here with the updates, but I ask you to continue to be a prayer partner with us; to financially support us and to come to see us!!!

All year round we ARE HERE! We do not put the things in place ‘just for when you come’. We are here 24-7, for 365 days a year. 366 next year!

You still have the opportunity to visit us in December for example. Now that the Christmas season will start there will be many that would not receive a gift if we are not taking them one! Many that will not know the real meaning of Christmas, unless we tell them! Any small amount given to the SOS programme will help us to bring a smile to kids faces and share the good news of the baby Jesus!!!!!

THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for everything!

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!
In His service


Maria Cimpoca-Hava
Director of Operations

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