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A Thankful Heart – Floare Andor

Floare Andor is among the most optimistic people you can meet, who will bring a positive attitude and an encouragement to everyone, no matter what their circumstances.

Floare Andor at ECO (Elderly Care Oradea)

Floare has been a resident at our ECO facility for about two years now and she has always been smiling and positive, despite suffering several health problems. Floare is a fighter, because her whole life has been difficult and there were many tough situations that she overcame by being positive.

The interview we had a few weeks ago was a great opportunity to know her better and here we have put together a short clip for you to watch and enjoy.

Please watch the video from our featured Thankful Heart – Floare

Please also take a minute to read the whole update on Smiles activity. If you could consider, we would appreciate your commitment to support one of our projects, as they are very dependent on your generosity.

Elderly Centres included, the projects we run, in order to improve life for so many people, do provide very good services to those in need, but also cost a lot to operate and maintain. Your contribution will often make the difference on whether we can do something for someone – or not.

The majority of our residents cannot afford the true cost of being a resident, but if you can share in the joy of providing what someone can’t afford, you will know a deep joy and satisfaction of sharing your blessings with others. God will reward us for our faithful stewardship and our residents will be eternally thankful.

Thank you very much for your support and may God bless you abundantly.

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