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thankful heart

A Thankful Heart – Mr Veres

Ever since we’ve known him, Alexandru is always smiling and ready for a good joke! He is indeed one of those who can turn a sad face into a smile, simply by the way he is interacting with those around him. He is the type of person that makes life easier for others.
Being a long-term beneficiary, we have come to appreciate his qualities and among them his courtesy and gallantry is very obvious. Alexandru believes women are on Earth to make it a better place and he is not shy of expressing this every time when he has the chance. And this does not go unnoticed by most of the lady residents – they reward him with the nicest of smiles themselves!

Mr. Veres used to be a bus driver in his working years. Now, he doesn’t drive too far, but he is always ready for a walk through the Centre and its gardens! We love his energy and good spirit, but when it comes about long discussions, only those speaking Hungarian could enjoy. Alexandru can only speak Romanian with some difficulty, as he is from an ethnic group that only speak Hungarian.Mr Veres with favourite soup!The two sons he has only visit very rarely and are unable to support his care. Maybe because of that he does not mention both of them in the interview. Please do take a few minutes to watch the interview with Alexandru, even though he does not say a lot of words, the spirit in which he says anything is to be appreciated!


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