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A Thankful Heart – Tibor

Tibor Pasztor is one of the residents in the Tileagd Assisted Living facility who really found at TAL the safe and secure environment he needed, especially in recent years. He has lived in Tileagd for the last 20 years, in a rented room, with a family who allowed him that room, but did not help him much in any other way. Eventually, the family could not have Tibor stay in the house so he had to leave. These situations were adding to his problems and especially his reliance on alcohol. Tibor’s medical problems got even worse.Tibor only has a sister but she does not keep in touch with him, just very rarely she came to visit him.

He is retired for many years due to the very severe illness with his lungs and he still suffers because of that. His medical pension is £100/$130 per month but his cost for care in TAL is £500/$650 each month, this includes his medication of £70/$90 per month. It is quite a big difference to cover and only by the kindness of others can Tibor enjoy the peace of mind and circumstances he now lives in.

During the winter he is in and out of the hospital, fighting for his life at times, but knowing if he pulls through, he’ll have a home back at TAL while he needs it.

Please join us in prayer for him, that God will heal him and give wisdom to the doctors to find the correct treatment. Thank you for your support, in Christ

Please take a few minutes to watch our short interview with Tibor and feel free to check on more details about our work with the Elderly, as there is indeed a great need for proper support services in this area!
Many blessings!


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