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Adi Matis

Adi Matis – Christmas Joy – Shoeboxes with a Smile

Christmas Joy – Shoeboxes with a smile
Adi Matis, Assistant Director of the Smiles Foundation, Romania – January 2017

As anticipated a while ago, December was very busy with seeing thousands of children who all received presents. Be it in the schools or churches, homes for children with disabilities or nurseries, these boxes were sensational! They proved to have the rather unique capacity to bring smiles to everyone’s face and somehow, even if some would say Santa does not really exist, it seems they did the job just as well!

December was filled with activity here at Smiles Foundation. We visited all of our beneficiaries before Christmas, so we could not only provide the regular support, but also bring an extra special gift. Not only Smiles’ projects were blessed this way, but we’ve seen many new children, outside our regular programmes that were very happy to receive a Christmas box. There were Adi's Shoebox Photosthousands of shoeboxes made by Teams4U and sent to Smiles to be distributed and we have enjoyed doing that!

We went in villages mainly where there is little to no support for children, or to places where they do not have the chance to get something nice for Christmas. We had large distributions, of hundreds in one day, as well as smaller and more intimate occasions.

Our hearts were really warmed seeing how happy the children were to receive a gift, and sure enough many could not wait to get back home and decided to open their box right away. And then how sweet the treasures found inside! A little toy or a doll, maybe some candies, a pair of gloves, a little three-coloured tooth paste… Well, I do not know exactly what, but there was at least one thing to make them smile! And that really made all of us smile!

I could tell you more, but really, a picture is worth a thousand words –
so here are some for you to see.

In closing, I will say have a Happy New Year for 2017 and may God bless you in many
and different ways!
Adi Matis

Adrian Matis
Assistant Director
of Smiles Foundation Romania

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