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Dawn’s Smiles Cycle AND Chocolate Challenge!

Having worked for The Smiles Foundation since it was founded, the challenges facing us all today are more profound than ever with governments adjusting and relooking at plans as they go along. The Smiles Foundation in Romania is also adapting to the daily changes brought on by Covid 19, and my colleagues and friends need our support both in prayer and financially at this time.  

Though covering a minimum of 90 miles on an exercise bike is for sure a challenge for me, more of a challenge is to give up the chocolate for 30 days!… but both are good for me (apparently!), and if that means that my young friends in Romania will have a proper meal (which apparently is NOT chocolate but vegetables and fruit!).. .. well, that seals it!

Whilst I will only be doing one leg of the cycling journey, do check out Luke Wathen’s page too, for the whole 1500 miles!!!!

Thank you for supporting!

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