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Maria at Tileagd

Faithful ’til the end, Maria, December 2020

These days, the word ‘faithful’ is used less and less, let alone applied. It is so encouraging to know that GOD IS FAITHFUL until our last days …. whether a week, a year, or our life!

I can’t believe 2020 is virtually gone! To be honest with you, I’m happy! I’m sure that you are too! It was a ‘hard year’, hard to ‘digest and understand’. I do not know what the ‘lessons’ are that you’ve learned, but I learnt, or better to say, reminded myself – that there are few really important things in a person’s life: JESUS is on top of everything, as without him we are nothing; our eternal HOME is not here, so we need to be ready, anytime to depart; family and friends make the biggest diamond a person can have these days, be sure to keep it!

I pray for a better year to come. None of us know what 2021 holds. We know WHO holds it and in a world that is very unstable and empty – may our 2021 be a year ‘full of Jesus’.

In Romania on December 1st we celebrate the National Day. Even though it is hard to live here due to sooo many things, I’m thankful to God for my country! I love it and I pray that things will get better here too. GOD BLESS my country, God bless my beautiful ROMANIA! So, while there is a celebration day, everyone is off work and I’m happy to have 2 days to sort my December month!

For the first time since 2004 I will not have the S.O.S./Special Christmas program done at its full capacity. That is heartbreaking for me. Yet, I can’t give up and not do something special for the kids we work with. I know that the money is low, and I know that we’ve been asking you all year for help – but PLEASE HELP ME THIS TIME TOO!!! I would LOVE to see kids, adults, families, elderly all getting something special this Christmas. ANY amount will help us. So, if you would like to donate please do it under Smiles Christmas Special!

This past and last Sunday of November in church, I’ve experience something really amazing. Since I was a kid, I’ve known a song that the verses say: like the stars you will pass too, what you did for God will stay, others will enjoy your work, you might be putting the seed , but not getting the harvest, others will do it”.  I never understood it better than now. Let me tell you what happened.

For the last few weeks, Mr Hoy was preaching in the church about being the salt and the light of the world. He did encourage the kids to come to church and did a special talk for them each Sunday. I was very disappointed with the inconsistency of the kids. Sometimes 50 – other times as few as 15 this past month. BUT amazingly, on November 29th we had 60 of them come and the party began!

I was over the moon, BUT also full of emotions, as I was thinking to myself, why is Mr Hoy not here to see all these kids? And then my song came in my mind!  I’m happy that he is alive and I could send him pictures and video for him to see. But my dear friends – there is soooooo much work still to be done in Tileagd and not only there of course. I pray this to continue and to have them at Church all the time.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PRAY for a special person to come, to be employed in Smiles in order to serve with the kids in church. Yes, the school and nursery are important, but their soul is much more important. And to be honest, I would LOVE to do a special gift to each one of them this Christmas so if you can help me, I truly appreciate it.

What else happened in Smiles, finding its way onto my desk this past month?! Well lots of meetings, discussions, planning and so on. Exciting times ahead of us! PRAY for wisdom, guidance and in everything, for God to be in control.

Also, this past weekend, Mr Hoy went back to UK. I’m soooooo happy that he was well enough and ok to travel, to see his family and spend time with them. I’m thankful to God that he passed through the virus sickness ok and that he is alive! Please continue to pray for him and all my Smiles staff that are suffering from or experienced the virus!

So my dear dear friend – THANK YOU for being part of my life and the life of Smiles. I’m happy that I have people all over the world that are part of our family…God’s family!!!

May God protect each one of you!
May His light shine upon each one of you!
And may we see each other safe, in the very near future.
May you have a Blessed Christmas and a Christ filled New Year.
Continue to be a blessing wherever you are, in your family, village/city, Country and all over the world.

Be blessed my friend!
In His service

Maria Cimpoca-Hava
Director of Operations – Smiles Romania

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