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Field Project

Thankful Hearts Video, December 2020

A while ago, we decided to change the way the visits out on the field were done and you will remember the introduction of the Field Project, a concept to include the previous Family Visits, as well as the Homeless and Community work. We believe it was a great opportunity to refresh the support list and to add new beneficiaries to it, while some long-term assisted needed to be released and encouraged to be more independent.

The change made it possible to have a more flexible approach, based on the efficiency of our involvement rather than emotional, which was often less effective by attachment to some particular families and their situations.

One way we decided we could help was to provide for the two distinct categories: on the one hand we would have families and individuals who could benefit from our support for a limited time and then they would continue on their own whilst on the other hand, we would help those who will not be able to improve tremendously, often due to physical or mental challenges, and therefore needed support, as their own means would rarely be enough.
A day on the field
Today, we present a very quick day out, as it often goes with the Field Project. We visited several places and people while we distributed food, as well as other essential supplies.

They are all very grateful and in some cases, that represents the only provision they have for days. I went to see Stefan, one who lives rough and recorded as homeless – he was out at the time, gathering up plastic scraps to make some money at Recycling. Then visited Kamelia, who lives in a very small rented place (which unfortunately could not be filmed , as the owner will not allow that) and then we moved to other families that need our help.

They all say thank you and are grateful for your support!

As all of us in Smiles are too! Thank you for helping and for making possible these actions. We are looking forward to the new year with all its new challenges and we are hopeful that things will be better. All is in God’s hands and we trust His wisdom!

Please stay close and remain supportive of Smiles. Very soon, more will be posted on our exciting plans for the future! May God bless you!
Adi Matis

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