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Adi Matis

From Adi, Director of Outreach, March 2021

Thank you for your Partnership

I just want to express my appreciation in this little post, for your kind support and generous contributions to the work of Smiles Outreach Pillar! This whole concept takes things to another level, as we become partners in doing God’s work in fact, and it is a wonderful privilege for us to be a part, with you, in it.

It was a wonderful occasion for me to be involved with the February Cookery Presentations, I enjoyed being around so many friends and supporters of Smiles work and also enjoyed the cooking process – not that I did it, but as I witnessed it! And I have to say, I think it’s worth considering doing another round one day! Maybe with summer dishes, why not?
Meda's Cookery Class
Seeing the commitment and determination of so many of you to be actively involved in what is going on makes me not only very appreciative, but also quite proud of what we are and what we do, as a large family! Smiles seems to bring together a lot of wonderful people who would not only identify themselves with Smiles vision, but are also ready to contribute to whatever extent they can, for making things happen, in the midst and despite of a complicated global context we’re living in. It seems to me that such a quality is very special and I am surely grateful to God for this.

We tried to raise more awareness and support for the Outreach work, as we introduced the new concept at the beginning of this year. We did not only prune the activities and content of our work, but also changed the structure of the projects and made a number of improvements that hopefully will show good results in not too long. We re-organised the way we plan to help the families, communities, and people in need. We now put more emphasis on the spiritual support, trying to make our efforts more efficient and sustainable for the long run. So, by doing all of this, we wanted to improve our work but equally to explain clearly that nothing is lost, but rather streamlined and I am happy to see that these changes are for the better and you embraced them as we did.

Yes, it is a great shame that the pandemic affected the way we can do our work! It is a great shame the mission trip opportunities are reduced, and we do not know yet for certain, when things will be back to normal. This makes everything more complicated – but we are very grateful and encouraged to see that your hearts are still for Smiles and for helping people! The whole month of February has proven your commitment and the Zoom-meetings showed us that we need to keep updated with the new opportunities-by-technology and by doing that, we can overcome the restrictions imposed in the last months.

I want to say thank you for this amazing support, both in your prayers and financially! As we feel we want to do things here, despite the difficulties, it is very encouraging to see you are ready to support it and that indeed is what a family would do! We are truly partners in doing God’s work! We couldn’t achieve as much separately! We share the responsibilities but also the joy of knowing the Kingdom of God is spread and Jesus is shared with the people!

Thank you for all you do and for a bright future in Christ!

Adi Matis
Director of Smiles Outreach

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