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Staff Team at the Glasshouse

From Maria, Director of Missions, March 2021


I love this word! It gives me that feeling that I have something brand new all the time. And who does not love to have new things around?! It’s like Christmas morning every day!

God does the same with us! Each morning that we are alive, up and running, He gives us a new opportunity and that’s AMAZING. I love the bible verse in Lamentation 3 that says “Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness

As I write my report, l look out through the window and see an amazing spring day here in Romania (hope it will last!). The sun, the trees, the grass everything is refreshed!!! Even COVID can’t stand in the way of its beauty!

This year, also for us in Smiles, started with some refreshed plans.

In January you heard a lot about the new Pillars. From now on, as long as God gives us, you will hear the updates of how everything is running! Only with Him, through Him and for Him we want to do all things!

So, how was this past month for me in the new Missions Pillar?

February 8th started with the reopening of the nursery! I was really happy for the staff and the kids! They missed each other! I’m happy to see that even if they had a long time away, they got really fast reintegrated into the schedule. Please pray for the staff, for the kids, and for the means to do this work!

The after-school club is running ok too. Not yet at its full potential, but I hope as the weather will get better, things will improve. I’m very happy to see the kids involved in the church more and more due to the after-school club. After 17 years of working with them, I came to the conclusion that if I help them know how to read and write, it’s also important for them to know about Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Then I’m a successful person! Pray for this side of the Pillar too.

After school hotdogs!!
For the Emergency Housing Unit, I’m happy to tell you about the next step. This past month we received great answers to our prayers. An old friend of ours, a businessman, stepped in with financial support. So from now, we start working on various repairs and then redecorating the entire facility.

Then we will need to refurnish the place and I’m looking forward to that, as I miss my retail shopping therapy! :). And I’m really looking forward to having this place up and running at its full potential, once again! PLEASE pray for that. Pray for every person that comes into contact with us to know that “our house is a refreshed house”.

And I’m so looking forward to MISSION TRIPS starting again soon!

I was encouraged this morning when I heard the news, even on TV and Radio here in Romania, about lifting restrictions in the UK.
I have enjoyed seeing so many of you on Zoom meetings, but I still love to see you face to face. I miss you all. I pray to God that He will ‘make a way’ and we will see each other very soon.

Mr Hoy’s announcement of Virtual Mission Trips is really exciting, and I hope to see many of you during these special events. They will be great! You can be with us at the Nursery, the After-School, and the Emergency Housing Unit as we progress the work there. You can be part of it all on our Virtual Mission Trip. See you there!

Now we are getting ready for a busy “flower month”. Well, the month of March normally in Romania is when we celebrate the Ladies Day. The start of the springtime, and everywhere you see flowers, and every lady receives flowers!

Glasshouse flowers
We are blessed that we have our own glasshouse where we grow the flowers. Simona, Dani and the team there are doing an amazing work. This past month we had opportunity to help them. So once a week, normally on a Wednesday, Smiles office staff went there!!! An amazing time! We managed to chat a lot outside of the office, we meet our colleagues from other projects, we had great fellowship and mixed in good laughter and food :).

As I write this on a Tuesday, tomorrow is another day, the last one for this busy season and I have a cake for the team. Looking forward to that. I will come with more pictures in next month’s update! But PLEASE PRAY for the Enterprise Pillar. It’s not my direct responsibility, but it is a real blessing to see how it contributes to the work we do in Smiles!

Everything we do in Smiles needs your prayers! Without it we can’t do the work! Is like the fuel needed for the car engine!

In a world full of darkness, it’s not easy to do God’s work. No matter which part of the world we are in! I’m sure that each of us experience it! Together, through prayer, we can support each other. As Christians we do live in hard times, and I’m sure they will get even harder, but we know that the prize, our eternal home, is waiting for us one day!

I do not know about you, but I have moments when I feel down. I do wrong. There are moments when I remember of something bad that I did and can’t forgive myself even if my God promises me that if I repent, He will throw it in the “forgetting sea”. That’s GRACE and I’m happy that we are still under God’s Grace and we can be REFRESHED in Him!

Thank you God for each person that reads my updates month by month. I pray for His protection over each one of you!

In His service with love


PS….and for my friends that are still in lockdown and get bored, I have a “Project” for you. In 2019 I said to myself that I will take all my reports that I did month by month and put them in a “photo book””. So at that time I had 10 books 🙂 … it’s more!
If you want to help me and have patience to do that let me know 🙂

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