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Tileagd Afterschool

From Maria, Director of Missions, April 2021

PEACE …in Christ!: 

And only in Him. This world would not give us any! No matter how much we will look for it – we won’t find it.

Last year, I listened to the song from Claire, Peace in Christ, many many times!! I remember I said in my heart “maybe next year will be better, this covid crisis will end”. I can’t believe that a year later we still talk about it and the situation is not a whole lot better. The fear and panic are still there. The stress that people live under is still evident.

I love the words that say :

He gives us hope, When hope is gone
He gives us strength, When we can’t go on
He gives us shelter, In the storms of life
When there’s no peace on Earth, There is peace in Christ

So my dear friend, my dear reader … we can find comfort IN HIM!!!

How was the past month in my Missions Pillar?!?! Busy, busy.

At the Emergency Housing Unit, things are progressing well. We started the renovation there and it is coming together really great. Please pray for the people who will benefit from this special facility and the shelter it provides once all the repairs, renovations and décor is complete.

Tileagd Nursery is running at full speed. Kids are happy that they are in and learning new things. Now they are getting ready for the Easter Holiday but still we will meet 2 times a week during the vacation too.

The After-school program is a real success. Each week, kids are coming and do great. It is a real joy to see them each Sunday singing in the church. My prayer is that ALL these kids will understand that IN CHRIST and with Him, everything is possible.

Virtual Mission Trip visits Tileagd!

The Virtual Mission Trip visits Tileagd!

On the Mission Trip side, l’m soooooooooo happy that this past month we had our first time ever Virtual Mission Trip. It was great to see our friends for 5 days and share the joy of the work we do. I loved the worship time and the project time that we had each night and the chats!

I pray for the day when we will see each other face to face again…and I hope that will be soon…but until then I certainly enjoyed this very much. If you did not manage to get to our first Virtual Trip, make sure you will book the next one! You won’t regret it!!

When is it happening? April 23rd to April 26th. It’s a long weekend but 6 full sessions. Get all the information from the website through this link: The Smiles Foundation » New for March, April & May 2021 – Virtual Mission Trips

On the ‘Sharing Joy’ side of my Mission Pillar – I’m sooooo happy to announce that l won’t be doing it ONLY for Christmas but other times of the year also! This Easter my After-School and Church Club kids will hear the story about NEW LIFE and the best way I can share it is with a Kinder Surprise Egg! 🙂  They won’t forget the message!

So my dear friend, stay close to us and read all the updates. There is always so much to share. Pray for us because without it we can’t do the work.

Please continue to support us financially, when and how you can, AND thank you for your time when you are sharing or doing anything that is promoting our work here in Romania!

Be blessed and hope to see you soon.

Maria Hava

PS. I leave with this link a song to encourage you –

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