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From Maria, Director of Missions, May 2021

Pain… April 26th, 2021

No words can really describe pain.

Just in my last 24 hours, I really try to understand it better, but I can’t.
There is sooo much pain in this world today!!! I’m sure it was always there, but when that pain gets closer to you as a person, you realise how painful, pain really is.

Daniel NemtutI’m sure that you all know that in order to have a successful organization you need to have committed people in it. For the last 16 years we had the same Financial Accountant here in Romania, Corina Nemtut. We grew together and we became family. Two weeks ago, her husband Daniel was diagnosed with COVID. Last night he died!

Painful times for everyone left here on earth. Not for Daniel. He is with his Saviour, the one that he served all his life!! I ask you to please pray for Corina, for the 3 children and for their families! By the time you read this, the funeral will be over and adjustments to life for Corina and the family will have started. We live with the hope of seeing each other face to face one day!

And I could continue with my list of families I know, that go through a lot of pain these days! This world is a tough place to live these days and I’m very thankful it is a temporary residence until we reach our final home in Glory.

I’m sure that in the UK and America you experience the same things as we do here. But we all have different experiences each day. Some are happy and some are sad. While some laugh, others cry.

THE ONLY thing that we all have in common is JESUS! And for that we must give thanks, trusting and believing in Him, through all the difficulties we face day by day.

Whilst there have been sad issues to face recently, this past month in the Missions Pillar has seen things continue progressing well.

The Tileagd Nursery and the After-School programme are running great. Now we are getting ready for the Romanian Easter Holiday. The kids did not really want ‘holiday’ as they had a lot of time off in recent months and were so pleased to be back in school and nursery. Hopefully next week we will be back in class, and then have a good run at normality until the Summer break – so we have 7 weeks or so, which is great.

Tileagd AfterSchool
The interior renovation work at Emergency Housing Unit in Mierlau is nearly done. The new units and bathrooms all look great. I’m hoping Luke will be able to help us with painting, once he gets back from Dezna! He’s keeps very busy and is such a blessing to us here in Romania. We also hope to have some major work done on the sewage pipes this month and then some final details to wrap up so we can bring more people there to have shelter and rest from their difficult situations. Ramona and Denis will be delighted to have more neighbours once again.

A very special event that was really great this past month was to see again some of our friends. How? On a virtual mission trip! It was amazing. We had one in March, and another in April, which only finished a few days ago.

If you missed it and really want to be part of one, sign up now for the one in May. You won’t be disappointed. Follow this link! The Smiles Foundation » New for 2021 – Virtual Mission Trips
Virtual Mission Trip
Events of recent days, which were so unexpected, have squeezed my time and energy for regular issues and I ask for your continued prayers for our God to give the renewing, refreshing flow of His Spirit upon us all as we struggle through the challenges of this life.

But as I have a shorter report than normal, I also want to thank you for your continued support in every area of Smiles work that enables us to do so much good, while sharing the Good News of God’s Love for this hurting world.

Your love and prayers mean the world to me and all my colleagues in the Smiles Foundation. You financial support humbles us daily and your generous hearts overwhelm us as we see what can be done for those in need when we share with others, what God has blessed us with so freely.

After the difficulties of the past 15 months enduring the impact of the Covid pandemic, Smiles is beginning to grow again. Like the trees and flowers outside in this spring weather, new shoots are appearing, and the bright green leaves of life and beautiful colour of the flowers is being reflected in the daily work of Smiles as we teach the children, support the families, care for the elderly – and most important of all – share the Love of God and the Truth of the Gospel to the people we seek to help.

Tileagd Nursery
Thank you for all you do and for your generous giving to the work of caring for my people, here in Romania.

So dear friends, no matter what we are going through these days, we need to keep our eyes set on Jesus … assured in our faith that HE KNOWS BEST!

I pray for each one of you that is near to us month by month.

May God bless you and protect you, may His arms be around you!

With love in His service

Director of Smiles Romania

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