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Georgi Opreanu

Georgi – Memory Lane

As we arrive in November, I always look back on October as a special month. It’s the month I remember a special day in October 2013 when residents came to our Salonta ‘Doris Elderly Care Home’ for the first time. It was a day with so many hopes, dreams and prayers for the people that would pass our threshold in the years to follow. God was and is gracious to us and saw our hearts wanted to serve so one year later, in October 2014 He entrusted us with a bigger centre in Oradea, so more wounds can be cared for, more souls can be healed and more could hear the good news of His Love.

But this October (2017), I am looking to the miracle God did in Tileagd. We had the official opening of our Tileagd Assisted Living facility and many people from far away chose to come to rejoice with us. We shared the joy with our mission trippers that were here for a week to help with our various projects. The vice-mayor wanted to congratulate us on the work we do for those in need, the Orthodox, Baptist and Pentecost pastors were praying for the work we are doing – blessing the staff and residents. The medical doctor from the town wanted to be a part of our celebration and appreciate the care she has seen we are giving to our residents.

Tileagd Assisted Living Opening Outside
Smiles Trustee Pastor Mike Wildsmith flew in especially from UK to share some words of wisdom with us and encourage us in the work we are doing. We are grateful to God for everyone who was a part of the celebration and if not present in person, was with us in spirit.

God has a plan for us and for the people that He gives us in our care, and now more than 100 people are in our care (20 so far in the new centre) and each day for us is another opportunity to show them Jesus, but also it is a great responsibility to care for them, so pray for us and for our staff, to do this job with a serving heart.

Tileagd Assisted Living Thanksgiving
October 19, 2017 was indeed a special day that will remain in my heart. This day will be another stone of remembrance, that the grace that God has for us, of His caring heart, of His riches in every aspect, of His unending love! We can see every day how great is our God and too many times we limit him.

When I am looking now at all the work the Smiles Foundation is doing in Romania, I am remembering the prayer that my friend Maria was praying when Smiles was in its early years, it is Jabez prayer from 1 Chronicles 4:10 “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.

I believe that indeed God granted Maria’s request too. Until now, God blessed the work that we are doing in ways it is hard to imagine and for sure He enlarged our territory so much in so many directions, much more than what Maria was having in her mind at that time. But even more important, His Hand was and is with us to bless us and keep us from harm.

A prayer made many years ago still has its echo in today’s work. It is so encouraging to see how God is listening to our prayers and faithfully keeps us from harm and blesses our work.

So I encourage you to pray, with faith for our work. We don’t know what each day will bring, but we want to take all our decision knowing that He can do much more than our expectation. He exceeded our expectations many times and we look forward to see what He plans for us in the years to come.

My dear friends, thank you for all your prayers, for your time and resources invested in Romania and the Romanian people. Thank you for being partners with us in serving God and His kingdom.

With grateful appreciation for all you do,


Georgi Lazau
Deputy Director of Smiles Romania

Prayer points:
– To thank God for four years of service in Salonta, three in Oradea and now Tileagd;
– For the years to come, to not give up when it’s hard but to continue doing good for God’s glory, even when the circumstances are getting tough .
– For God to prepare the new residents who will come into the Tileagd Centre and be able to experience the love of God through the care we provide;
– For the new residents to adapt in all the centres;
– For God’s protection upon all of Smiles staff and beneficiaries;
– For the finance that is necessary to be able to pay the staff and all the associated costs
– For staff to be kind to those in need;
– For health and well-being for residents and staff as we enter the cold winter months;
– For all Smiles staff to be a testimony of God’s love so others will get to know HIM.

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