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Georgi Opreanu

Georgi Opreanu – Life

As I look back on the month we just finished, I am thinking how important it is, to do in life the things that will last after we are gone!

I am thinking many times, even if I am a bit too young maybe, what am I leaving behind me…is this world a better place because I am in it? What can I do to create a better world…and sometimes I know it’s just a smile, it is just a word of comfort, it is a silent moment, it is a hand reaching out to a need…it is a simple gesture of showing God’s love to those around us.

The summer is almost finished, but the needs we have to respond to, are not even close to finishing!
This past month, more than in other periods of the year, we had many social cases asking for our help. We thank God for people like you that help us to be different than other existing centres, as we can respond to the needs of those who can’t pay the cost of the service they receive.

In our 3 centres now we take care for more than 100 people and from which, 23% are social cases. People that don’t have family to care for them or the family they have can’t care for their special needs or can’t afford to pay much of the cost.Pictures from the Centres

As you know from my last report, we opened a new facility in Tileagd and we now have 15 residents in the centre as of today. As the weeks go by, more and more residents come and will benefit from this wonderful facility. It is a joy to see them becoming a family, sharing stories about their lives, laughing and crying together. The plans were to employee 2 more nurses but we find just one that has the heart and compassion that we look for. Please continue to pray for God to send us the one that will know how to care for those in need.

This past month was an emotional roller-coaster for us. In Salonta we had together with a team from Northern Ireland the first lunch where we invited the families from the dementia residents to enjoy a meal with their dear ones. It was such a wonderful time, to see all together, children, parents, grandchildren and relatives. We were like a big family and for a few hours, we could forget about the problems and the busyness of life, it was like the time stopped for a few hours. Surely we will repeat this experience through our Mission Trip support.

Another moment that brought a lot of emotion was lady Maria Duma passing away. After long suffering with cancer, God took all the pain and took her soul to be with the Lord that she served. Lady Duma came to the centre together with her husband. Prior to our centre they were living alone in a house that could hardly be called a house. They were unable to care for themselves and feared for their life.Lady Duma and artwork
The lawyer that represented them in a case contacted us and asked us if we can take them in our care, and we did in the autumn of 2013. Since then, they lived together in a room at JFL but sadly Mr. Duma died in 2015 and since then Lady Duma lived alone.

She was a great artist and she dedicated her last years in creating beautiful tapestries that are now hanging in our centre and are reminding us of her. She created a lot of art in her life and her work is displayed in museums in Germany, USA, Israel and many other countries. We are thankful to God for the time we had Lady Maria with us, but more than that, we are glad that we could show her the love of Jesus and she recognised that God took care of her by bringing her into our care.

And now, dear friends, this is my last report as Georgi Opreanu, my next report I will writing from my honey moon and you should look for a report from Georgi Lazau 😉 because I am getting married in September.

God blessed me with a special man that loves Him and supports me in all my work that I am doing for my Romanian people through the Smiles Foundation. God has His perfect gifts for His children and I can but give thanks for Florin and the way he stands by me and encourages me in continuing my work when the times are hard. As we start a new chapter in our life we will ask God’s blessing on us and our new family on September 24, we are sorry you can’t be with us, but if you want you can say a prayer for us and I promise you a few photos in my next report!Georgi and Florin
I want to close this report by saying that not many of us will have their art work hanging in museums as a legacy that we leave behind …but the good we did for those around us will be our legacy and will have an echo in heaven. Let’s make this world a better place by loving our neighbour and that neighbour can be an elderly person in Romania, from one of our Care facilities.

With sincerely appreciation for making this world a better place.

Georgi Opreanu (for the last time)!!


Please continue to pray for us to be able to bless the lives of the elderly that need our service.
 For appointing the best staff for the centres
 For Gods wisdom as we open Tileagd Assisted Living
 For all those that suffer, for complete healing
 For financial support to deal with all the challenges that come with the new salary
 For wisdom in all the decision we need to take everyday
 For loving and committed people who will work in our nursing homes
 For the new resident to adapt in the centres;
 For God’s protection upon all of Smiles staff and beneficiaries;
 For sponsors for the social cases that we care for;
 For all Smiles staff to be a testimony of God’s love so others will get to know HIM.

Please pray for us because when you pray God hears more than what you say, answers more that we ask, gives more than we can imagine in His own time and in His own way.

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