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Maria Hava

Maria – Birthdays

I think I’ve told you before that August for me is a special month. It’s always a ‘month of reflection’. Some people have New Year resolutions normally around December 30/31, I have them sometimes in August!

But this year was different. I don’t know why? It was a very hard day with heavy feelings. Maybe because I have Stefan now added to my responsibilities, which has certainly made them bigger. After a certain age you do not want things for yourself but instead perhaps for your kids or other special issues. I don’t want to sound too ‘holy’ but trust me, the only things that I want in this life is to be healthy and to stay close to Jesus. Not necessarily in that order, but you know what I mean!

Yes other things are important and I would lie if I say that I do not care at all about things, but these two that I’ve mentioned are the top of my wish list.

Too many children and adult friends are these days suffering from illness. Several I know suffer cancer and the devastation on family is horrendous. Many people that are close to our hearts face situations that as humans are too much for us to carry. Too many people are thinking only of themselves and spend their life gathering things that in one second they can lose.

We turn on the TV and hear so many negative stories and problems. We read the news …. it’s the same. We go out and the only thing we hear is what ‘people do not have’… what is there to do in this situation? TO STAY FOCUSED! FOCUSED ON JESUS!!

It is not easy, I understand, but when you want to focus on Jesus, for sure Satan is coming more and more to ‘distract you’ and then it is important to stay focused. So please say a prayer for me to stay focused and close to God, and for good health!

But how was the month of August for my work? Goooooooooooooooood!
Mission Trip Projects
August was the end month of a summer mission trip season! A season where we see God’s blessings through every single person that is visiting us! And we had a few 🙂 (120) this summer! I’m so thankful to God for each one of them! I’m thankful for their commitment to God and to the people of Romania.

I’m thankful for their time, financial support and prayers! I’m thankful for everything they do when they are here in Romania and when they go back home. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the SPECIAL PEOPLE!!!

Another special person that I was amazed with this past month was a guy called DAN. Dan Ghita is a 22 year old man attending university in the UK. What is special about Dan is that as a ROMANIAN person that went abroad, he did not forget about the people of his country, his home city. He decided although he could earn more money in London and appear more successful – other things were more important. I wish there were more Romanian’s prepared to do this to help us here in our country.

Dan decided that in order to ‘do something special’ for Romania, he would cycle all the way from London to Oradea and raise money for the people less fortunate than himself. He wants to buy bikes and to help them to have a way of transport to work or school. To support this objective, he chose us at the Smiles Foundation. I’m really happy that he did that and I’m looking forward for the collaboration between us.
Dan Ghita
He arrived in Romania on August 24th and he was received at the border like a true star!!!! WELL DONE DAN and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!
(if you want to see more pictures of his adventure go to this link)

After the last Mission Team left on Saturday August 26th, we started to get ready for the new academic year. New adventure, new things, new situation but I put everything in God’s hands!!!

I’m sure you already heard me talk many times about the needs we have in Tileagd for the Education work, so please do not give up on helping us with this project. As I said to each team that I took this summer in Tileagd so I’m telling you too : “yes all the projects are important in the work of Smiles, but the most important one and the one that they/you can’t forget or give up on is Tileagd, thank you for that!”. I will tell you more news of the new term in my October update.

AND guess what? I will go on holiday now. Not for long, in order for me not to get bored, but for the next 5 days I’m off!!! Because we take Stefan with us we go around Romania! BUT don’t worry, in November we will all come to the UK

Most of my colleagues are now taking time off to recharge their batteries and to be ready for a busy October Mission Teams, the new adventure of the UK tour and in the middle of it all – we have a BIG wedding in Smiles!!!

I’m over the moon …and back….for this event! It’s on September 24th so if you want to send her greetings, here is her e-mail address:
I’m sure she will be happy to hear from you!!!

My dear friend, I know that each one of you has a ‘special month’ when we celebrate our birthday but let us not forget the One that sends us into this world to be the light and salt for it!!
Wherever you are, be the light and the salt HE intended you to be!!

Have a blessed September month and please keep in touch.

With sincere blessings


Maria Hava
Director of Operations Romania 


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