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Georgi - Miracles Sometimes Occur!

Heart Romans 5:8

Georgi – September 2018

Miracles sometimes occur!

In the last few months, I constantly had in my mind a question that somebody asked me more than a year ago… “why does The Smiles Foundation want to open another residential care centre as we already have the other centres which are under-funded?” The answer for me was simple then, because there is tremendous need for residential care in Romania.

In July this year, we celebrated one year since we opened Tileagd Assisted Living Centre and if now somebody would ask me ‘Why do we need another building?’, the answer would be; ‘Because in the past year, 84 people needed a place where they would be loved, cared for and assisted in their daily needs’.

For some of those people we were their only hope, because they were social cases, unable to pay for their care and other facilities will not offer them a place to stay unless they have the means to pay. Tileagd Assisted Living Centre is not just a building, it is the place where destinies are changed. It is a place where 24 employees (manager, doctor, social worker, physiotherapist, nurses, cares and others) share love, compassion, comfort, security to the residents and their families every day. It is the place where some of them find a new family, new friends, dignity, and the peace they need in their life. You can read this in some of the testimonies of some of them.

“God had mercy on me and made it possible for me to be in such a good place where I am very well cared for and loved. Even if I am far away from my hometown and have no family, here I have found a family and a church.” N.A. (71 years)

“If it wasn’t for Smiles Care Centre I would have probably been lost. I have lost everything in my life: money, house, family but I am thankful to God that I have found here all I need.” L.F. (86 years)

Lady Penelopa & Tileagd Assisted Living
Those of you that follow us on Facebook (here is the link that you can a
ccess to see it: Facebook News).  could read about the story of our latest social case.

Lady Penelopa’s story really broke our hearts. She was adopted at a very young age but both of her adopted parents didn’t live very long. She had no other close family, only a friend but in time they became more distant.

When we visited after contact from a neighbour, Penelopa was found in her bed, where she had been for 3 weeks. She could not get up from bed, her only companions were 10 dogs and numerous cats. It was deeply distressing to even think that anyone could live in such conditions let alone actually witnessing it.

When our Doctor Diana and Facility Manager Ligia visited, the decision was to take her immediately to Tileagd Assisted Living facility. Many times in the last month I went to bed thinking of her and how she would have slept that night if she was in her home.

Would she have had something to eat? Would anyone around her be kind enough to give her a glass of water?

I don’t need to worry about this anymore, because I know every day she gets more than she ever hoped for, she has all her needs provided with love. I have no doubt, on that special day of August 3rd a destiny was changed, Lady Penelopa’s destiny!

She says: I would like to thank those people who brought me here to the Care Centre in Tileagd. All I wanted is to be in a place where I am washed, fed and cared for, but I receive so much more. Thank you!” M.P. (69 years).

Ligia Cralic, the manager from TAL reflects: “Over the last year, serving in Tileagd Assisted Living Centre, it often came to my mind the words: “Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly hard for them.” We have seen miracles in different forms and shapes. For some receiving a new home, a second chance, for others medical care and support or simply the healing that comes from just knowing that you are accepted and loved. My heart is full of joy and I feel privileged to be part of God’s work in restoration for so many people. One thing that we have constantly worked on was not just to provide a top quality care service, because that is something that other people also can do, but to create an environment, a HOME, where love and compassion is shared and that is only possible by having the right people in the team. Having Carers that do their job driven by love and compassion for people. I am blessed to be part of a team that works hard and shares love every day! It hasn’t been easy, but I can say that even if it would have been 10 times harder, it was still worth it in-order to witness God’s miracles.

Last month, we received a very precious gift at TAL, a very nice gazebo. All summer we waited for it and now, finally we can enjoy it. Now we can stay outside without worrying if the sun is too strong. It is so joyful to see the residents staying there and singing songs. Special thanks to Ian and to all those involved in making this possible. We pray for God’s blessing on you!
The other 2 centres (JFL & ECO) are full to capacity now, and we have many requests to receive new residents, but at the moment we can’t do that. It is so hard to refuse people that are in need, but we need to accept we are limited in what we can do. All summer we had many activities arranged in the centres and our biggest joy is to see our elderly smiling and being happy.

Interesting though that some people still ask: “Why do you need another Centre?” !!

Now we have reached the end of the summer, I want to thank all the mission trippers who came to spend time with us, sharing their love and smiles with us. We pray that God will bless all your efforts. But the year is not finished yet, you can still come and be a part of this amazing work that God is doing in Romania!

And finally, some personal news, in December with God’s Grace I will hold in my arms my first baby. The doctor says we expect a girl and we consider ourselves so blessed by God. This is great news for us, but it means I will need to leave The Smiles Foundation for a while, the people that I love so much. It is not easy to do this, but I know and pray God will continue the work I started in the Residential centres and indeed all the projects in the Smiles Foundation.

He was with me every day, in everything I did, and I believe He will be faithful to the end. He will provide time and time again, as He always did, because this is His work, and doesn’t belong to me or any other person. Please pray with me for the person that will replace me to be after God’s own heart and then I know this great work will be in good hands.

Hope to see you soon, but please keep in touch.


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