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Georgi Opreanu

Georgi – The Best Days

I believe that our worst days with God are better than our best days without Him. No matter how hard what we need to do is, we know we can do it if God is on our side and He sends us.

In the month of May I always take some time and look back and think about my life and my work in Smiles. Why May? … because 12 years ago I decided to become a member of the Smiles Foundation family.

At that time my plans were for a few months and the most for a year, because I accept to be Smiles Field Representative for the summer of 2005 and then see where life leads me. Months were passing by and I realised that what I was doing was not just a job for me but it was and is the place where I can serve God and then put my abilities and flaws in His hand knowing He can create something that will praise Him.Georgi through the yearsWhen I now look back I can say there were days when I wanted to give up, I was discouraged, let down by people, not understanding God’s plan, even just wanting an easier life, but I always remember I am in this place not because it’s easy or appreciated for what I am doing, but because God gave me a calling and the worst days are better with Him!Georgi through the yearsIn these years many children, young people, abused women, families with social problems, grannies have come into the heart … and now all of these people are in me … same are still part of my life, same are now just a memory, but from everybody I learned something and I hope their life was better … after I crossed their path.

One thing that I have become increasingly aware of over the past few years is that everything here is temporary… and not all the promises people make to us over the course of their lives will remain to the end, but what God promises – It is so … “Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” Isaiah 46: 4

Enough with my reminiscence, but I wanted to encourage those of you that sometimes struggle with decisions in life, to listen to God’s plan, because He can transform everything into something that will bring Him Glory if we are ready to follow and obey Him.

Georgi speaking at ConferenceThis past month I’ve been to Bucharest with Rebeca for a conference that gathered managers, social workers, doctors, psychologists that are working in nursing homes all over Romania. We were about 150 representatives and it was a great experience being able to discuss problems that we all face and try to find solutions.

At this conference I was asked to speak about the work we do in Smiles. I was honoured to be able to share with them the amazing work that the Smiles Foundation is doing in Romania. As you all may know, nursing homes are generally created to be a business, but for us is something different because we are serving social cases that can’t contribute to the costs. Somebody even asked me, why we take social cases because nobody can oblige us to do that. It is hard for people to understand that we have a responsibility for the poor and nobody but God can oblige to take care of the less fortunate. We do it because we need to be Jesus’ hands and feet on this earth, He gave us a calling. I told them how amazing our supporters are because you donate money each month in order for us to help those that are in real need and nobody else will care for them because they don’t have money.Conference AudienceI want to close this report thanking you all for all that you are doing for the elderly of Romania and helping the work that the Smiles Foundation is doing, helping me to fulfill my calling.

With much appreciation

Georgi Opreanu Email Georgi
Deputy Director of Smiles Romania

Please continue to pray for us to be able to bless the lives of the elderly that need our service.
•For Gods wisdom as we plan the opening of Tileagd Assisted Living facility.
•For financial support to deal with all the challenges that came with the new salary increase.
•For wisdom in the decisions we need to take everyday
•For loving and committed people who will work in our nursing homes
•For the new resident to adapt in the centres;
•For God’s protection upon all of Smiles staff and beneficiaries;
•For sponsors for the social cases that we care for;
•For all Smiles staff to be a testimony of God’s love so others will get to know HIM.
Please pray for us because when you pray God hears more than what you say, answers more that we ask, gives more than we can imagine in His own time and in His own way.

Wish list – urgent need for:
•Pampers – just size M and L (Pamper pantyhose)
•Toilet rolls
•Kitchen rolls
•Powder detergent
•Cleaning supplies
•Dressing, bandages (in date)

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