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Maria Hava

Maria – Happy Sunny Days!!

Summer is here…..and with the summer also the sunny days and high temperatures as well! After a long winter and a very changing spring, summer eventually came. Or at least this is how it feels as the sun is bright and hot with temperatures up around 28C (86F)

With the “summer mode” comes also the activities that we are doing more outside, so that’s great news! So what did we do? Well I tell you a few of them because the space is not big enough to say everything!

May 1st always starts with a day off in Romania!  For me since 2009 I celebrate this at work with mission trip people……and I always had a blast. This year was no different. Even if we had a small mission team, they were really special. I’m happy when people that know us for 10, even 14 years or even more come back to RO and bring others.

On May 9th the UK container arrived. To feel like it’s Christmas morning in May is really nice. This time I shared it with Stefan and was very cute. The drivers were on a very tight schedule and so we had to wake up at 6am in order to be at Smiles by 7am. Not too big for us, as this is our normal routine.

It was a nice feeling to get out of the house, to see the sun, to feel the fresh air, and to receive a truck full of goodies!!! I’m really thankful to ALL the people (and I do not want to give names in order not to miss anyone) that made this possible. I’m thankful to the guys that drove it to Romania (Alan and Richard) and I’m thankful to the transport company McBurney’s who support us to do this year by year.

Once the container was unloaded my focus went back to the construction site. Tileagd.
The new Assisted Living facility is really coming on good. I was always proud of Tileagd and the facility we have there, but wait and see when the new assisted living side will be finished! You will love it. And then for suuuuuuuuuuuuuure you would want to come and see it for yourself!Staff Work Team at Tileagd

After 5 months of heavier construction, we are ready now to paint and then starts my favourite side – decorating the place – If you want to help me to go shopping to buy picture frames, flowers, and lots of cute things that make the place look beautiful – great ……. and if you want to support this project feel free to do it NOW. Follow this link and you can be a part of it! I can put your name on the things that I buy and really make it special!! I promise you I will send you a picture of it too. Support Assisted Living Thank you.Staff Work Team at Tileagd

Another big thing was the fact that we launched the new CD, the second one from Smiles Staff! It is really nice so please make sure you get a copy and don’t miss it.

In all the busy time recently with so much going on, I had a chance to get one week less work. While Mr Hoy was away, back in the UK, I had a more relaxing week. So for people that ‘criticise me’ I want to tell you that I’m not working as hard as I did and I’m not ignoring Stefan. He is my priority and I’m really blessed by God that I work in the place that I do and have the boss that I have, because I do spend a lot of time with Stefan. I see all the things he does and learn and I’m really blessed by God for being able to do this and in the same time continue to serve the people of Romania.

Now, Mr Hoy is back and we are very busy again! We are on the last stages in Tileagd but with a lot to do in just one month. We are to get everything ready for the two special guys that come all the way from UK to Romania to help us with the final coat of paint for the place.

You might wonder why? We do not find people here? ….. well we could find, but having John and Jim do it is really special. Their heart is to help the people of this country and is not comparing with anything just a ‘painter’ can do. I’m thankful to God for them and it means the Tileagd Assisted Living will be the best decorated facility in town!

Another person that I would like to mention and say thank you to is Hannah Davidson. Hannah was here for a full month in Romania. She served God wherever she was needed and her heart and passion for the people you could see in everything she did. I’m really blessed to know her and I pray for God protection over her and we can’t wait to have her back for a longer period.

So my dear friends, I’m happy for the sunny days!

I hope that even when we will have 35C+ (100F+) to be able to say the same!

But if not, do not forget with GOD EVERY DAY is special. Let’s keep Him in the centre of our actions and then everything will feel much easier, much brighter and with better results!

In His service

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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