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Luke Wathen, Development Ambassador - December 2018

Luke at work

Luke – December 2018

Hello everyone,

As you read this, we’ll be into December! I’m not sure how November passed so quickly, but I do know that it was a very full month! Full of meetings with friends and several introductions to new friends.

This was all part of the development work that I am entrusted with on behalf of Smiles. This month I have had opportunities to speak at Churches about Smiles, Schools, both Primary and Secondary, and meet with many individuals. Most of which were first time, introductory presentations.

Therefore, I would like to say a massive thank you to the people at Springhead Congregational Church, Oldham and Currie Kirk Church of Scotland for providing me with the opportunity to share with them about the work that is going on in Romania and ask them if they could become involved.

Rev Easter Smart and Luke

Rev Easter Smart and Luke

Moreover, my thanks and appreciation to Abbey Primary School and Forest High School who showed great interest in the people and the poverty of Romania when I spoke to their respective assemblies. To all of you who I met in November I look forward to staying in touch with you and working with you in the future!

A key aspect of all those meetings was asking how people could become involved with the work of Smiles if they feel they can. It is a question that I want to ask you too!

The wonderful people that I have met with during November have heard about Mission trips, the special Student Week in April and ways to support our projects with fundraising and sponsorship. I could put all of what I said down in writing here, but I would prefer to come and speak to you in person.

I can then present to you the projects that are run in Romania day in and day out, and the personal stories of the beneficiaries and staff there which can be inspiring, challenging, devastating and joyful all at the same time one after the other and sometimes all together!

Everyone at the Smiles Foundation wants to have a personal connection with everyone who is kind and generous enough to help support the work we do. That way we can share in everything that happens in Romania, all the positive stories, the challenges (not negatives) and how people’s generosity is making the difference.

Luke with Norman and Sam

Luke laying floors with Sam Morrison and Norman Adams

So, I would love to be able come and share with you in any setting. Please use the contact details at the end of this article to get in touch and we can arrange it for early in the New Year.

To finish, throughout November, I have discussed with many people the opportunity of coming on a Mission trip to Romania with Smiles. Many of you have asked questions and are thinking about coming. It will be a blessing to everyone, including yourself, should we get the chance to welcome you to Romania.

As much as I strive to present everything about Smiles comprehensively and well, a Mission trip is far more in depth than I can ever be. You get to meet people where they are, hear their stories from them and develop personal connections and friendships with them.

Often, I am told time and time again that the level of relationship established in person is even more valuable than sending support on a regular basis. That is not meant to denigrate regular support, it is a vital life line to many charities and people but why not experience your own more personal connection that God has in store for you!

I want to help you get started with this in any way I can. A presentation, meeting, or provide further details about a Mission trip.

Please contact me at

Thank you and may God bless you.

Luke Wathen

UK Development Ambassador
The Smiles Foundation

Smiles Day Poster

Smiles Day Poster


2nd/3rd February, 2019: Smiles Day Fundraising
Please consider how you can be involved in raising funds particularly around this designated day. We have posters which can be downloaded and overprinted with your event details. Or contact the Leeds office for printed copies. 

Sunday 5th May, 2019: The Smiles Foundation Day of Prayer
Plan to spend time in prayer, as many others will, and offer a united prayer to God for the needs and opportunity the Smiles Foundation has through its work in Romania.
Prayer Day fliers including prayer & praise points will be available. Please contact the Leeds office for further details. 

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