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Volunteers Corner - December 2018 - Jean Barclay

Jean, Lynda and Maria

Volunteers Corner December 2018 – Jean Barclay

We are all still buzzing here in Ayrshire after a very successful Mission Trip in October. A team from Dalmellington along with Lynda Donaldson from Carlisle were joined with a group from Kilmarnock, twelve of us in total headed to Glasgow airport to start our adventure.

What a week we had along with our friends from Wales, England and Northern Ireland. We worked hard, laughed and cried and were totally caught up in all things Smiles! We even learned a few songs in Romanian which was such a laugh because most of the others could not understand us Scots when we were speaking English but Sam Morrison (Barbara’s husband, from Northern Ireland) has offered to arrange elocution lessons for us!! Mission Trip
The Kilmarnock team have a puppet ministry and were joined by their very enthusiastic puppets. They proved to be very popular with both children and adults alike, especially when they performed at the church during Sunday morning service. I spent more time watching the children, as they were totally mesmerised.Puppets and children

I personally enjoy some of the more modern worship and during that week a song sung by Life church the words of the chorus are …..

God of the ages King of the heavens, matchless in power and strength
Made for your glory , here to adore you, how can we not give praise.

How can you not give praise when you spend time in Romania and are involved in the Smiles projects and see God’s Hand in their work?

It is not always easy for the staff but they work tirelessly and with such dedication it has left me feeling I need to work as hard as I can to help further their projects.

Alina and beneficiaries
Currently we are in the planning stages of next year’s fund raising activities. Already toiletries and cleaning materials are starting to pile up in my outhouse. These will go out to Romania in March 2019.

If any of our Scottish supporters are able to collect these items in your area please get in touch with me and I will either collect them or you can bring them to me in Dalmellington. 
Those in England and Wales can contact Dawn at the Leeds office. Northern Ireland continue to fill the container and should contact Adrian Pogue.

Await verbal instructionsI love to walk in this beautiful part of the country with my family’s dog and was recently walking along a disused railway line and came across this sign, it got me thinking of how I got involved with Smiles. I was invited to a church near me to an evening event which was promoting Operation Christmas Child’s shoe box appeal. During the evening Nia, ran a video showing the work of Smiles.

I immediately felt I wanted to get involved, but then I began to ask myself – what use could I be and I was probably just caught up in the moment and I was just too emotional on the night. If I was meant to be involved I would ‘Await verbal instructions’.

In Luke chapter 1 : The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said “Greetings you who are highly favoured! The Lord is with you”. Mary was greatly troubled and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.

As we approach Christmas, I wonder what would have happened if Mary had decided to stop and await verbal instructions. If the angels message had not been enough to carry out God’s will for her life and she had waited on ‘man’s approval’. Joseph was equally put in a situation where he could easily have walked away and ignored the angel which appeared to him and the story could have been so very different.

When God places a desire in our hearts, He knows what plans He has for us and I am so pleased I did not hang around and ‘await verbal instructions’ for Smiles has become a big part of my life and I am so blessed to be able to help in whatever way I can.

If we all get on board and do what we can, God will do what we can’t. The work in Romania is growing at a miraculous pace. Smiles needs more support to see all the opportunities fulfilled. Don’t await additional ‘verbal instruction’ – get on board today and be a part of the ongoing miracle.

I pray for God’s blessing on you and all you do for the people in Romania and as we approach Christmas that you will know the joy of our Saviour’s birth.

God bless
Jean Barclay

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