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Luke's Update - February 2019

Luke as Tour Guide

Luke – February 2019

Hello everyone,

I pray that the new year has started well for you all so far. For me it is going very well, despite missing Romania and everyone there! I have been back in the UK since December 23rd, and after a blessed Christmas and New Year with my family it wasn’t long before I began with presenting to wonderful audiences in Churches and Schools about the work of Smiles and how they could get involved with it!

It is a great blessing to be welcomed in new places to share but it is also a responsibility! After all, there are many worthy causes out there and Churches and Schools are often inundated with requests. So, to all the venues and people who kindly gave me an opportunity to speak to them, I want to say a massive thank you!

• Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Newent
• Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy
• The United reform Church, Newent
• Western Way Chapel Dymock
• Gorsley Baptist Church

I will continue to do presentations until March 24th when I am scheduled to return to Romania.

I am delighted to say that I have a number of them in place but there is always room for more. Please contact me if you have an opening for a presentation of ‘Missions in Romania’. Any potential opportunities I will happily work around existing bookings but that is not a problem and neither is travel, within reason!

For example, on the 24th and 27th of February I have presentations at two places in Scotland – so if you know of any opportunities near you around those dates in would be fantastic to add more bookings for that week. That clearly means that I would have to look at other dates for England or Wales. But as I have said, I am available until the 24th March so I’m sure we can find a date in that period to work for us.

Whether you would want to hear about Smiles for the first time or to have an update for the 11th time – I want to hear from you. With the rate at which God works and brings new challenges to us at Smiles, there are always new stories, new projects and new ways He wants each of is to commit to helping.

I’m sure you have seen the updates about the Dezna Outreach Centre and the vision that there is for that amazing facility! We need people to see the potential of this project, like all the others in Romania, and help to unlock it. I want to help make this happen by providing you with the information and answers to questions that you need, it doesn’t just have to be about Dezna, I just want to help you feel well informed and part of the work.

At Smiles, we want everyone to have a deeper connection to the work and people here. To share in all the successes and challenges that come with working in God’s Name. From seeing people in Rapa and Tileagd being baptised and giving their lives to the Lord in the last few years; to meeting young families like the Nyuzo’s who we were called to in December to see if we could help them in their dire situation. They were in a house that lacked any of basic human requirements that we take for granted, like running water, electricity and sanitation.
Nyuzo Family
I believe that God wants to challenge many of us to help someone, somewhere in Romania.

He wants us to be the conduits for His provision. Will you be open to that? Will you be open to the rewards that can come from this too?

Nyuzo outsideLet’s think about running water for a moment, one of the basic requirements we all need. The pipes that carry water to and around your home are conduits to help you enjoy clean water. Many of these will have a backflow preventer or valve designed to stop the water from only flowing in one direction so that dirty water doesn’t get back into our clean water supply.

Now you may be thinking, why am I talking about this – well, if you think of God’s provisions as the water and yourself as the pipe, all can flow through you. But there is the major difference that God wants the flow to be two way. Not with clean water and dirty water but with his provisions flowing through us to the help others and his rewards and blessings flowing back to us.

Therefore, if you feel that God is asking you to find out more about this for yourself, for your Church, your school or another group then please get in touch with me! Whether it is for February, March or looking into the rest of the year after the summer when we have our fantastic mission trips. Let’s work together to further God’s work.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Luke Wathen

UK Development Ambassador
The Smiles Foundation

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