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Luke’s Cycle Challenge April/May 2020

Luke is so keen to get back to Romania – but with all flights currently cancelled – the only way is by Bike! So with his normal ‘full commitment’ to Smiles and focus for a challenge, he is proposing to cycle from the UK Headquarters in Leeds, via his home in Newent, all the way to Cihei, Romania – 1557 miles!!  Well.. kind of!!

Luke is planning a sponsored Cycle Challenge (using an Exercise Bike) to travel the distance by covering portions of the journey over the course of 28 days and he would love for you to be involved.

There are two main ways:

1. Sponsor Luke for the Challenge through JustGiving (or by calling the Leeds office). 
2. Join Luke on part or all of the virtual journey – contact Luke with your plans. 

From Luke:

Whilst I am not able to physically get back to Romania at the moment, I can do it ‘virtually’ whilst raising funds for the projects in Romania at this particularly difficult time. You can sponsor me, or even better join me, and increase the total money raised.

If you are able to join me for all or part of the time, then please let me know. This could be done individually or as a Team. Your involvement could be for specific sections of the trip, or for one day, or indeed – the whole trip!

If you are cycling, then ask your friends and family to sponsor you! This can be done quickly and easily by setting up a JustGiving Page which I can talk you through. It’s easy!!

Just to get this Challenge off to a great start, Smiles Chief Executive Kevin Hoy, along with Leeds Office Administrator, Dawn Wilson are sharing the initial journey from Leeds to Newent. Approximately 180 miles. At which point, they will be very pleased to wave Luke off (virtually) to Dover and on across Europe!

So, Smiles Family, you have proved yourselves to be extraordinary so many times before. Now is another opportunity – so contact Luke or Dawn to sign-up and for further help on getting involved.

     Thank You for your energetic support!

The Smiles Team – United Kingdom, America and Romania

Leeds to Newent
Opening ride: Leeds to Newent 180 Miles
Kevin and Dawn are joining Luke on the Opening Ride:
To sponsor Kevin
To sponsor Dawn

Leg One: Newent to Dover
4 days @ 49.75 miles a day, 199 miles

Leg Two: Calais to Brussels
3 days @ 41 miles a day, 123 miles

Leg Three: Brussels to Cologne
3 days @ 46.3 miles a day, 139 miles

Leg Four: Cologne to Frankfurt
3 days @ 39.3 miles a day, 118 miles

Leg Five: Frankfurt to Nuremburg
3 days @ 46.6. miles a day, 140 miles

Leg Six: Nuremburg to Vienna
6 days @ 52.2 miles a day, 313 miles

Leg Seven: Vienna to Budapest
3 days @ 50.3 miles a day, 151 miles

Leg Eight: Budapest to Cihei, Romania
4 days @ 48.5 miles a day, 194 miles

Total 29 days, 1377 miles

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