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From Maria our Director of Operations in Romania
Dr Diana at work

Maria – April 2019


The bible talks a lot about JOY! As a kid, 5 years old, my favourite bible verse was the one in Matthew 2:10 that says: “when they saw the star, they were overjoyed”. Not only joyful, but OVERJOYED!!!!
Is that not nice?

But, can we have that feeling here on earth? I believe YES! As long as we stay close to God and within His will! And I believe that we at Smiles truly try our best to do that within the projects we operate.Tileagd Craft
My favourite ones – Tileagd School and Nursery are full of joy……well I do have problems at times too but things are generally made better by the joy the kids bring! This past month my kids shared that joy with the most important person in their life, their mothers! Yes, we celebrate on March 8th the Woman’s day here in Romania and the kids had special activities together with their mothers. But they did not forget the elderly ladies in our Centre! So they shared with them also by giving them a flower and a huge smile!!!

The day was totally full of JOY!

The same in Gepiu. The kids together with Ioana had special activities for the mothers and for the elderly ladies in our project there! They went to visit them in their homes to share the good news that they are LOVED!! And that was a powerful message!
Gepiu Gifts
So, I’m looking forward to seeing the joy on the kids’ faces this summer when they will go to camp! YES OUR OWN CAMP!! The kids in Tileagd, Gepiu and Rapa will have the opportunity to go for a week in Dezna, our newest adventure!

Gepiu kids had their camp sponsored which is AMAZING NEWS!! The story behind it is even more amazing as it comes from a person related to Smiles. Let me tell you in a few words how it came about.

For many years the kids in Gepiu went to the camp because there was a person behind the scenes that raised the support for them. Our dear BARBARA managed somehow each year to share the news with the people in Northern Ireland and each year they raised the support for them to go to Camp!  When the kids heard last year that Barbara was now with Jesus (while they were on the camp) they were devastated! They lost a best friend, the best support they had! Ioana, encouraged them to pray because now Barbara is next to God and is even easier to ask for support!!!!! And guess what?!? SUPPORT CAME!!!!
Gepiu for camp
Not from the UK this time, but from Romania!

In January, Ioana our social assistant asked me: “Maria, Dr Diana from our Residential Centres’ was asking me about the camp, and she said she would like to raise money for it, can I tell her yes?!?!”  
Trust me my friends, this was an interesting lesson for me coming from one of my colleagues!  Of course, I said ‘yes’, but like many, many others, did not believe that it will happen! But I said yes!

Dr. Diana did all her nice drawings and worked A LOT of late nights on pieces of Art and on March1st she had the exhibition and Sale. Time passed and on March 25th Ioana came to our accountant with £1,400 ($1,820) cash, FOR THE Gepiu CAMP!!!
Dr Diana's work
Now, God taught me a lesson. NEVER DOUBT HIS PROVISION. When HE said “I will provide”, HE WILL no matter who will be the person that He will use.

I do not have enough words to say thank you to Dr Diana for taking her time to make the sacrifice she did! And trust me she did sacrifice! I do not know how many of you know her: she is a single mum, raising her daughter with a lot of love and sacrifices. She could go anytime and work in the State hospital and receive a huge salary, more than 3 times her Smiles salary every month, but she chooses to work in Smiles in the elderly centres. She did NOT have spare money to invest in the picture frames she used, but her belief that God would take care of all the detail was amazing! Her target was £1,000 ($1,300) but God blessed her more than that – even more than she dreamed! She could have kept the difference towards her supplies, but she decided to cover the cost of the materials herself and give all the proceeds to Gepiu for the kids to go to Camp!!

Dr Diana shared she could have taken my daughter to Disneyland in Paris “because this is the dream her daughter has!! Instead she is sending 25 kids in a camp this summer and that is a picture of Love, Obedience and Belief. I’m sure one day Dr Diana will take Cristina, her daughter to Disney, but like she says “God will MAKE IT POSSIBLE! NOT ME.” Dr Diana is a walking lesson for me.Thank you
So my dear friends, yes WITH GOD WE CAN BRING JOY into people’s lives!  If you want to sponsor a child to go to camp, it is costing us £60/$90. They will love it!

I’m thrilled that this week we had the van arriving in Romania full of goodies for the camp and other projects. I want to say a huge thank you to Darren Charles and his friend Will for taking the time to drive it to Romania.

Now, with a lot of requests for the camp from outside too, Mr Hoy’s credit card suffers a bit as I need to make sure everything is ready on time!

I have to do a lot of shopping, not that I mind :). This is a sacrifice I am happy to make, but I truly pray you will support the cost and invest in the lives of many children who will be able to attend and perhaps change their eternal destination!


If you want to help me buy a bed, or a quilt, or a duvet cover, or the sofas – PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO THAT!!! I will call them by your name, promise you 🙂

We can do all things through God who gives us power…..and we together will enable loooooooots of kids to be OVERJOYED!!!!!!

THANK YOU for being there for me and others all the time!!

Be blessed
Maria Cimpoca-Hava

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