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Thankful Heart - Felicia Matiut

thankful heart

A Thankful Heart – Felicia Matiut

Felicia Matiut is one of the first residents to come to the Joint Facility of Love in Salonta, after the official opening in 2013. We had met her a few months earlier, when we were told about the atrocious conditions she lived in, with a family that cared way too little about her. They only provided a small room for her, in the back of their house, but no other support at all. Hard to believe, but that was the cruel truth. She had actually been abandoned by her son with that family, and even today we do not know what happened with him or where he is.

FeliciaWhen we visited Felicia for the first time, we were shocked to learn that she was forced to make a fire herself if she wanted some heat… People would give her some potatoes once in a while, but they couldn’t be bothered to make the fire. Felicia would need to cook herself… And keep in mind, she was completely blind, managing to do things only by touching and by feel.

We took her into our care and she couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful. She understands why we care and because our colleagues in JFL spent time with Felicia, it helped her understand God’s love and provision, so eventually she decided to make the public testimony through baptism in the local Church.

Felicia BaptismA few years ago, Felicia was also part of a UK tour that the Smiles team from Romania did. She enjoyed greatly the experience and she mentioned just recently how warm she felt the people of the UK to be, despite her inability to see them. She particularly wanted to send her love and appreciation to all of you who will read this.

So, please watch the interview and keep Felicia in your prayers! Thank you and God bless!

Please watch the video from our featured Thankful Heart – Felicia

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