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Short .... from Maria, March 2019

Tileagd Nursery

Maria – March 2019


What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear this word? For me it’s often ‘a short meeting’ 🙂 ….. I do not like that much the loooooong ones!  This month I made a promise to myself that I will have a “short report” as the last one was looooong 🙂 And guess what, February is a short month:) so here we are!

Because the weather is getting better here in Romania we started a lot of the activities outside! My main one was to make sure the site here in Cihei is having a proper ‘spring clean’. I’ve had a lot of good help and the results are really wow! The biggest side of the job was to clean the warehouse!
Cihei Warehouse
For those of you that have been here this past year, and not only you, will know what that means 🙂 :)…Well, NOW LOOK WOW!!! I took everything out :). I’ve made lots of people happy! With what was not good at all or we had it for years in the warehouse but not in use, we throw it away!

So now I’m ready for the new supplies to come!! I asked Mr Hoy and the key people that get the things in the containers to help me by making sure that we get only what we ask for or what is a big need! Yes, many times we do not want to hurt people and receive everything we are given, but sometimes we end up using it! So we need to make sure that the space in the container, the journey that the drivers are doing, is used in the best way possible! For that I’m really thankful to EVERYONE that is involved with this. With your help a lot of our projects are benefiting at the maximum from the goods we receive!

But I’ve not done this all month long:)!!

DeznaWith Mr Hoy in America I had a lot on my plate. Dezna is one of the top issues that I have to make sure, by the time he is back, will be finished 🙂 …. Well Romanian finished!! I’M REALLY HAPPY with the progress Ioan is doing there! It is taking shape and transforming the place into a more ‘Smiles’. Now we are getting closer and closer to my favourite part – the DECORATION!!!

So IF you have picture frames, or any decoration items that you would like to donate to us, feel free to do so! The people and the kids in the area are really looking forward to have it functioning. The welcome that we have from them and the authorities is most encouraging.

My other projects that I’m really close to are doing good. I’m happy and proud of the team I have and my time there is mainly to encourage them and help them when they have problems!

In Tileagd, this past month at the school, Irina had the final inspection. She did great and it was encouraging to see the results of her work rewarded! The team there of Meda, Ghiuri and Ligia are a great support to Irina and everything ended up with a big party!!

It so happened for me to be there for an hour and I could test all the goodies that Meda prepared! The kids we soooooo well behaved…..well Ghiuri was non-stop watching them! Still the inspectors and the teachers appreciated it all.

So please pray for this project as at times after 16 years of work we tend to get tired. But I’m sure that when we are weak, Our God is strong, and that’s the best way to stay as a team!
Tileagd Photos

In the nursery the staff did lots of activities for spring. Now they are getting ready for a very special event ‘Mother’s Day’ and everyone is working at full speed. Child or adult!

A special event this past month was the ‘puppet show’ that they had at the school. Their enthusiastic faces say it all! Please pray for the teachers and pray for everything we do there as I think it’s the most important work we do in the Smiles Foundation. Yes, of course each project is important but the nursery is where we start at an early age to influence a child for Good and for God. It’s the time when we model their character and implement new ideas. It’s the age where we teach them God’s principles and that’s a great life-time investment!

Also the Gepiu project did great this past month. I’m really proud of Ioana and the team there. They worked hard to get ready for the ‘spring event’ and ‘Mother’s Day’. We have a few fairs where we are invited to present, by the big companies in Oradea, and everything that we do not sell there would be sold to the Mission Teams this summer! Sooooooooooooooo get ready!!
Ioana in Gepiu
And I can go on and on with the news from the projects but I promised you – I will be short :). 
I can’t wait for the mission team season to start and see so many of you again.

I appreciate very much when people just like you are giving up their time to come and see us! I feel sooooo thankful for everything. I do not feel lonely in doing this job! We are a big team but we are in the middle of the work, day by day.

We do not know how much time we have until the Lord returns. I’m sure it’s getting shorter! But let’s make sure when He comes he will say to us “well done good and faithful servant! Come in to the Kingdom”.

I was talking to a dear friend of mine, with Sam, this past week, and we both got to the conclusion that our dear ones that left this earth are in a ‘wow’ place comparing with ours! Yes it hurts when you lose them, but we will see them one day. We just need to get ready!

So my dear friends, be blessed and thanks for being a blessing to the people of Romania.

Lots of love

Maria Hava
Director of Operations

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