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A Thankful Heart - Elisabeta Varadi

thankful heart

A Thankful Heart – Elisabeta Varadi

Smiles came to know Elisabeta several years ago, when she was in great need for a place to live. We met her in the hospital and the pressing problem was that she had no place to go to from the hospital. So, we offered her the chance to get accomodation in the Container Village for a while and then she was supported, up to  the present time, within our Residential Care for Elderly.Elisabeta Varadi

Her story is not very complicated, but dramatic for sure. Having only one child and his wife as a family, Elisabeta went through a serious depression time after she was diagnosed as having cancer. Having lost her husband as a support and being told she will not live for very long, she made a mistake that cost her a lot. But through all of this, she was rather optimistic and sure enough, after 10 years or so, she is still around and now part of our large family in ECO.

We invite you to watch the short interview. Elisabeta opened her heart and even though explained in a very brief manner, you get the idea of how life can turn for some of us.
ElisabetaAlso, please write to us if you have more questions or if you wanted to support Elisabeta under our Elderly Care Programme. You are welcome to do so, as Elisabeta does not have the necessary resources herself and her pension support is not enough to cover for the cost of care in our home. Of course, we endeavour to help her and also other people in her situation, but we can only do that through your support kindly offered monthly, or in any other form.

Many thanks for being a supporter and for taking time to learn some little bit about Elisabeta Varadi. God bless you!

Please watch the video from our featured Thankful Heart.


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