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Maria and flowers

Maria’s News, May 2020

…life without Pepsi during Covid-19 🙂

Well, for those of you that use Facebook, I’m sure you saw my recent post!!! If you did not, let me tell you here a little bit of what it is all about!

I said that I will give up Pepsi for a period of time if I manage to sell 1,000 pieces of Carnation Flowers from our Glasshouse. If people do not want to take them home, or like you being a loooong looong way from here – you can sponsor the flower and we will deliver them to the elderly, poor families, and people that have no one giving them a flower!
So, with £5 or $5 per piece, you can make someone smile!!! You can support as many flowers as you wish.

Flower challengeMy hope was to make good use of flowers we had in the Glasshouse that due to shop closures, were now not being sold. They were beautiful and I knew could make people very happy. And we could raise some funds for Smiles! That’s a WIN-WIN I think!

Can you support giving some flowers to someone?

Soooooooooo what do you think has happened? People started to donate. Now, I do not know if they just want me to stop drinking Pepsi or whether they really want to make someone happy!!!! Either way IT IS WORKING!!!!!
BUT – How is life without Pepsi ?? HARD!!

How is life without Pepsi during Covid-19? Extremely hard!  But I must learn to live without it.

But you know what is even more strange, I have realised we humans are a very interesting breed. We can adapt to most situations very easily. Sadly, not all the time in a good and positive way! Occasionally (not to say most times) we are very quick to become bad people! What is important in all this, is that we need to learn that without God, we are alone, and can’t really change. Not at all.

I’m sure that in the United Kingdom and America, the COVID-19 created looooots of problems, just as it has in Romania.

Life is not the same. Simple things that we used to do, now they are so complicated. Even going to do food shopping these days is complicated! Still lots of us must do it. We get in the car and go to buy the essentials!

But what about the ones we serve?!!?

Well for them, life is harder than it used to be. And that was already pretty bad! But, not only is that bad, now they lost even the small jobs they had (even daily jobs if not permanent jobs).

So, how have we got involved?
With your help, we try to respond to their needs more often than we did before. If in the past we visited them once a month with a food package, now there are situations that we go two or three times. Or whenever is needed as we are able.

In the school and nursery, since they were closed, a lot of the kids were without having a proper meal. What did we do?

We started to prepare the food and go to the village to give them. Meda and Ghiuri did this for Tileagd and the kids really appreciate it! We did the same in Rapa, but here Rodica from the Mission Centre cooked, then Sami and Alexandra were the ones that made sure things were delivered.
Food delivery

All this can be done only with your help. I know life is not easy for you either these days, but I’m sure that God will provide for us all!

Why I say – ONLY with your help?

Well to be honest, (I used to be a positive person about this before) but our government in Romania is not doing ANYTHING SPECIAL to HELP charities!!! NOTHING!!! NOT even in situations around Covid-19.

For example, when they closed the schools, we had to think very, very hard what we do with the staff. THROUGH FAITH we decide that we will not dismiss anyone (unless the person wants to go). We cut some working hours through Smiles offices, agreed salaries (based on what they work), but EVERYBODY is still here! For how long? I pray to be until the end!!

Another example is that since April 11th the elderly care staff had to be isolated in the workplace! So no in – no out! We tried to create places for everybody in order to make sure things will function ok. Today, 18 days later, a note in the law was made public that each facility can claim money for the accommodation and food of the people that are isolated at the workplace. So strait away we started to call and ask what we need to do to apply!

When Ligia called to the County Council to ask what documents we need to do, the response was: “well lady, there is no point to think you will get something. For the entire Bihor County, there is allocated from central government £6,500/$8,450 and if you think that you have a chance to get any, it’s a nice dream!
Firstly we have to cover our State centres and what is left, we share!!!”. Soooooooo I’m 100% sure that indeed – it’s a nice dream!!!

Our staff are in dangerous situations dealing with the most vulnerable. A week or so ago, one of our residents had been in hospital for treatment and then they wanted to send her back to us. We said we needed the patient tested for COVID-19 but they couldn’t. We said we were not comfortable bringing her back, but the hospital said she has no family, no where to go, there she would die in days. Our JFL Facility was the only option. So, with a deep breath and a huge prayer – we took her. Our staff become like frontline ICU carers.Carers

Please pray for them and support our Residential Facilities as you are able.

I DO NOT want to disappoint or put more pressure on you, but YOU – our faithful supporters in the UK and America, are the ones that make the Smiles Foundation what it is today! Each one of you that donate money, whether £5/$5 or £50,000/$50,000 – help us to still be here in all situations. And for that, I take my hat off in front of you and say – Thank You.

GOD WILL PROVIDE, I’M SURE but He will use people like you and me. Is that not such a great honour?

With this crisis, I’ve realised more and more that NOTHING I have or even dream of, is really that important and certainly not more important than my relationship with God and what I do for HIM.

So even when people say, this could be the death of Smiles – this time it could close down, I can stay still and know that GOD WILL take the final decision. YES, it may not be the same, nothing will be quite the same after this crisis, but I’m sure that with God, there will always be work in serving the people in need. If not to help them with the basic needs, helping them with a prayer, a hug, a shake of the hand!

THESE ARE PRICELESS – especially in these days!!!! I’m sooooooo glad that I can give that for free…..of course keeping the ‘social distance and protection’

THANK YOU EVER SOOOOO MUCH for everything you do and I truly MISS YOU! I hope you will come to see us all soon.

Meanwhile, I PRAY for God s protection over all of us, no matter which part of the world we are in.

Be blessed
With lots of love in His service

Maria Hava
Director of Smiles, Romania

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