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The projects within Smiles 200 Love Club are overseen by our Assistant Director – Adi Matis.

Each Project has its own responsible Project Manager but Adi provides mature and experienced oversight when needed and is the representative for the Projects to the Executive Management team.

smiles200 family care project

Family Care and Housing

Family Care has been the Cornerstone of the Smiles Foundation’s Project work in Romania since 2001. It was the first project with a commitment to visit and support families who had specific needs within their home and family life. The project is underpinned by Sponsors who enable Smiles to provide the service of care, advice,...
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smiles200 family care project Rapa

Rapa Community

The Smiles Foundation’s work in Rapa began through the Family Care project supporting the families living in extreme poverty. Living without running water, sanitation or electricity, life was far from acceptable but with crumbling mud-brick, rat-infested homes – Smiles was challenged to undertake a major investment programme aimed at transforming this impoverished community. We started...
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Homeless Project

The Smiles Foundation has worked with the Homeless in Oradea (NW Romania) for more than 12 years in one way or another. A restructure of several projects in the early months of 2018 has seen our future work with the Homeless become part of the new Field Project established within the Smiles Foundation. A very...
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Newsletters from Field Project
Field Newsletter

Field Project Newsletter

Spring & Summer 2020 Edition

Our latest visits on the field reveal how great the needs still are out there and how many families still need our support.
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