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Smiles 400 Faith Club

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The projects within Smiles 400 Faith Club are overseen by our Assistant Director – Adi Matis.

As a Faith based foundation, Smiles sees its purpose to impact the world through practical and supportive work for those struggling in life. However, we also believe the most important aspect of life is the ‘purpose’ of life and our 400 Club is designed to help people explore the issue.

Dezna Outreach and Casa Torch

Dezna Outreach Centre and Casa Torch

BRIEF HISTORY: Launched in 2018, Dezna Outreach Centre is the newest Project to enter the Smiles stable of activities. It was initially the vision of UK Charity ‘Torch Trust’ who wanted ‘Casa Torch’ (Torch House) to be a facility supporting disabled children with particular concern for the blind and partially sighted. They began in 1996...
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Church and Pastoral Support

“…And on this Rock, I will build my Church” says the Lord (Matthew 16 v.18) Just as the Lord responded to Peter’s confession of faith in Him, so we in the Smiles Foundation pray God will build His Church upon the Rock of the Foundation’s testimony in Jesus Christ – Son of the Living God – Saviour...
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Childrens outreach

Children’s Outreach

The children’s outreach is currently co-ordinated by Adi Matis, our Assistant Director of Smiles. He is directly responsible for organising what we call COP’s – Children’s Outreach Programme. Otherwise known in the United Kingdom as Holiday Bible Club and in America as Vacation Bible School. To avoid confusion between our British and American guests, we...
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Community Outreach (Lunches and special events)

The Community Outreach project is currently co-ordinated by Adi Matis, our Assistant Director of Smiles. This is a new focus on outreach to many of the Communities we serve through Bihor County in NW Romania.  The inspiration comes from the success of the Elderly Luncheon which is a feature of our community outreach in Gepiu. Always...
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Newsletters from the Outreach Project

Outreach Project Newsletter

Spring & Summer 2020 Edition

At this time we must put our trust in the Lord. He is at the centre of it all, knows what tomorrow holds and is right by our side. We pray during these dark days we can continue to be light, bringing hope to others.
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