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Thankful Hearts – March 2020

Having established Smiles outreach and support to the Homeless community in 2006, tremendous work has been done over the years, helping the people who find themselves in this desperately difficult environment.

Following the normal ‘ups and downs’ of a long-term project, we have been reviewing the options for the future and now excited about the possibilities.
The new Field Project team are working well together to serve all areas of the project and the ‘Homeless Container Village’ will feature strongly once again in our efforts. 

Alina Miclea is taking the lead role in developing the work, with support from Alexandra and Samuel as her immediate colleagues, but also Pastor Vasile who is now leading a regular weekly meeting for prayer and bible study amongst the homeless.

Alina is planning a vigorous programme this summer to encourage and support the folk we serve and care for, through Crafts, Skills and Practical matters to help our beneficiaries know we care and God loves – all of us – no matter our circumstances in life.

God doesn’t look to our Home, our Clothes or what Job we have. He cares for our Heart – and if we can get that right, inner joy and peace will prevail.
This is our prayer for the Homeless people we serve.

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