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Baptism Candidates

Thankful Hearts – Mierlau

You may have seen our short video published earlier this month on Facebook, as we had a Baptism Celebration in Mierlau, on August 2nd. That represented something long awaited, as Pastor Vasile and others have been visiting the families there and they were keen on providing the opportunity for our friends to take such a decision to be baptized. We were very happy indeed to hear about it and now we can rejoice as another major milestone was reached in our work with them!

Of course, both Ramona and Denis and Mugurel’s family know us very well, as with your support, we have been helping them for many years now. They trust us, and they could see we always tried to do the best we could to help, without making them too dependent of our support. Thankfully they developed a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian and we are glad that God touched them in this personal way, so that they arrived themselves with the conclusion they need to make a full and proper commitment.

There is more to do of course. Denis is getting older and faces a lot of challenges, as any other teenager. Ramona needs support to see them through these years and she needs support herself, especially with some medical issues. Mugurel is still benefiting from State support for staying at home to take care of the children, but soon that child-support will end, and he will need to go back to work in order to provide for the family. We will continue to help, as we can.

Please pray for Ramona, Denis, Mugurel, Simona and their children Eli, Denisa, Sami, Diego and Leonardo. Thank you for your support for our work which enables us to reach people and impact their lives in a positive way!

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