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Tileagd After School

Tileagd After School Support

Please pray for the efforts we want to put in place now. Pray for the resources needed and if you can help with the Budget of our new After-School program, please support here with an on-line donation, or call the Smiles office for further ways of helping. All the current support we receive for Education (approximately £2,000/$2,600 per month) will be directed to the After-School budget that we anticipate costing the same as our current commitment to providing the facility for the State School to use, so we need additional contributions to make the plan work. But the results will be so Read more, Victor and Friendsmuch better for the kids we support.

We are all really excited by this new venture and believe it will be great for the children involved. Pray for them most of all, that their lives will be impacted for Christ through our efforts and faithful giving.

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