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Barbara Morrison

Volunteers Corner – from Barbara, December 2017

‘God’s Hands, God’s Feet, God’s Love’Micah

It was great to see so many of you on our UK Tour. Thank you for coming to hear the stories and updates on the amazing work Smiles is doing.

These Tours involve financial investment and take much time, but we all feel it is very important to come and see you personally; to thank you for your commitment to Smiles as well as encourage continuing support and generate new support into the ministry. Our theme was THANKFUL HEARTS, and we have very ‘thankful hearts’ for you joining us and standing with us on Tour.

My challenge this year is very simple. I share with you again my belief that the Smiles Foundation is worth supporting, enabling and equipping to do more of what they are doing.

What are they doing? I see the entire Smiles staff as caring, loving, passionate, compassionate, fully committed, serving God and going the extra mile. They are bringing the good news of the gospel to the people at their point of need every day and changing lives for eternity. That thrills me!

Please partner now with us in PRAYER, GIVE as you can and FUNDRAISE with us to keep the work growing and moving forward. Look for funding in your area of business, possible grants or your Church mission budget, and be sure to consider the best way of all …. GO on a Smiles Mission Trip and make it real for yourself!

While on the UK Tour, I was so encouraged to see many Churches with fabulous displays on a Smiles Table or Notice Board. These are great conversation places while looking at photographs or reading literature. Thank you for these; and please consider one in your own Church or workplace if you are able!

Another great idea I saw in one Church Hall was a Smiles Sponsor Board with every week of the year marked in Calendar style. Families or individuals are encouraged to sponsor a week or two weeks in the year @ £10 ($13) per week, bringing a total annual income of £520 ($676) for Smiles. What a great way to involve more people to be a vital part of ‘making a difference’. 

Smiles sponsor wall I am always available to talk to you about any ideas, to offer any help I can. The message is clear; we NEED your help and support.

Luke Wathen is now spending some time in UK, based in England, and is available to visit your Church, School, Group or Business. He can do an update presentation or talk about Mission Trips. Together we are trying to develop the work further and increase our volunteer support base. If you are in England, Wales or Scotland, I encourage you to contact Luke and see if he can help your efforts in making more Smiles!

Contact Luke on

Here are some encouraging fundraising stories …..
Hannah Davidson is still raising funds for her extended Mission Trip with Smiles. She hosted a ‘Can’t Cook Won’t Cook’ which was a lot of fun and raised £1,235 ($1,605)

Joye and Robin Carson hosted an Open Day in their home. A very busy day with many visitors, raising £1810 ($2,353) with more promised! Thank you for your faithfulness and continuing fundraising for Smiles. Izzy, (Joye’s grand- daughter) with the same kind and caring heart, has been busy making beautiful craft items to sell for Smiles, raising £22 ($29) alongside her Gran. Well done Izzy! Just a reminder too that we have a few copies of Joye’s Cook Book left which will make a lovely Christmas present!!
Order from the UK Office: Tel: 0113-276-5060 E-mail:

Carol Montgomery and Jane Patterson along with the GB (Girl’s Brigade) in High Kirk Presbyterian Church hosted ‘Hug in a Mug’; an evening when the girls served tea & tray bakes and we enjoyed a Fashion Clinic, Scarf Tying demonstration and some fabulous Flower Arranging. The evening raised £713 ($927)

Liz and Andrew Houstoun have been out and about again with their Creative Hands Group, visiting the Island of Arran. Wonderful work, thank you for your commitment!

Jacquie Cochrane opened her home for a ‘Handbag and Scarf Swap’, with lovely nibbles and refreshments, while shopping for new accessories! This is a very manageable event for anyone and a great way to catch up with friends. As a donation, the ladies all brought essential toiletries from the Wish List, fantastic idea!

John Campbell organised another great Concert with the BB (Boy’s Brigade) Centenary Male Voice Choir and various other guest artists. This was a most enjoyable and entertaining evening with a lovely supper, raising £675 ($877) on the night, with more to come. Thank you John.

Our Church Youth are getting involved collecting essential toiletries and aid; Brownies; GB, BB, Sunday Schools and Youth Fellowships. If this triggers an idea for your group, I can give you a Wish List and you can start collecting. 

Last month I launched our Smiles Day which will be on Saturday 3rd February 2018. I invite you to plan your Fundraising Event around or on this date and let’s add some vitally important funds to the pot. Our Smiles Day 2017 raised a fantastic £7676.00; my challenge into 2018 is £13,000.00. How amazing would that be!? Please contact me with your ideas, dreams and plans; we can make this into a very special Smiles Day!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. The most asked question at this time of year is; ‘what do you want for Christmas’, and often the answer is; ’I don’t need a thing!’  Make it special for someone else this year; instead of a gift, ask for a donation for Smiles. Together we can put smiles on people’s faces and share the God’s love in a special way by what we do this Christmas.
1 John 4:21 “And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.”

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Barbara Morrison
Development Ambassador & Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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