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A Letter from Maria's Desk - May 2015


Did I ever tell you that I LOVE butterflies? Well, I tell you now! I love butterflies!!
I love that this very beautiful creature, very sensitive, very fragile, develops from something "quite ugly" like a caterpillar.

We are exactly like that. We are born into a sinful world, but because GOD gave His only Son to die on the cross for us, because of our sins, we are clean! We have hope and a better future. We are God’s butterflies! His beautiful creatures.

I love the fact that now I’m a part of a "butterfly group". Yes you’ve heard it right! It called

BUTTERFLY DESIGN. Let me tell you the whole story!

In January when I started to work with the ladies in Tileagd I wanted to have a name for the group! And I started to think of options. Other people did also, but in all this time, we did not come up with a name we agreed on.

Until April 20th. I was soaking in my bath, yes after a busy day this relaxes me, a voice told me butterfly!!!!!

I thought that is a way too simple word and how will I apply that to my Crafts Group? But then I remembered how it was 10 years ago! The ladies did not know to do anything. People often said they are like caterpillars. But now these ladies know to do a LOT of things ……and in my eyes and not only mine, they become like butterflies!

So PLEASE visit our Facebook page give a LIKE, SHARE it with your friends to see it and BUY our PRODUCTS!!! In this way we can FLY!!!!!

But make sure YOU PRAY for us as well! At the foundation of this project is God and everything that I am doing with the ladies is because I want to show God’s love to them. I want them to know Him as a personal Saviour. And then I feel that I will have a successful project.

Another great thing that happened to me this past month related to the Craft Project was a special visit from a special couple from Northern Ireland, Cathie and Wayne Mulholland. I met Cathie while I was on the UK tour with my colleagues earlier this year in February/March time. I started telling her about the craft project as a result of me liking very much the neckless she had given to us as a gift. I showed her that evening everything that "we already had done" in Tileagd……and the discussion ended up with "I would love you to come and teach my ladies in Romania how to make jewellery!"

I did not realise that God ALREADY planned everything in advance! A few weeks later Cathie and Wayne came to Romania and for 3 days they did a lot of things that I could only dream of. Cathie taught the ladies to make high quality jewellery. Jewellery that YOU can buy so as to support the Craft Project. So thank you Cathie and Wayne for EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for being a blessing and may God richly bless you!

But you might be wondering, does Maria work on anything else apart of her Crafts?! Well, YES I do!!!

April was a full month of mission trip people visiting too! AMAZING! I love it because they help us do a lot of day to day work, when they are here!! Then I have more "time off" and I can do crafts.

This year our Easter was one week later than in the UK/USA. So I had the opportunity to celebrate it twice!!! But I did not mind, because Jesus Risen deserves to be celebrated every day! It’s the TRUTH that NO ONE can deny!! On the Romanian Easter we had a celebration in Tileagd. A special lunch with all the people there. Nearly 100 persons, adults and kids have been there to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection and to have fellowship together. It was a really nice time and great food!!!

Also this past month because the kids were on holiday - me, Cornel, Mr Hoy and Rita took the high school girls Florica S, Florica G and Roxi on a "field trip experience". It was really nice for me to show them, including Mr Hoy, very nice parts of our country!! So I took them to a very traditional area called MARAMURES!!

It is amazing!! God really put a lot of the beauty in Romania when He created the earth. So who knows, maybe one day I can show you all my nice country too on a field trip experience………would you like that??!!! Maybe you could take an extra 3-4 days at the end of a busy mission trip serving the people and we take a few days to show you the beauty of this country I call HOME!!!
Think and Pray about this and if any of you would like it, just let us know! Maybe you will be the first one!!!

As soon as we came back, we had another mission group arriving! So a lot of work being done again!

One big project we work on is the
Rapa Gypsy community! We try to offer to that place a new beginning! We work had on the Hygien
e Unit and on the new housing foundations ……lots of construction work going on.

So please pray for this and if you can support feel free to do that by contacting our office or Mr Hoy directly!

But this is not my main construction project as you already know! I’m really into JFL Phase 2!!  This is the most challenging project I’ve been a part of….and it’s not done yet. I’ve started telling people that when this project is complete I will retire!.......SO I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

I need your prayers, your time here to work and your financial support. We are on the good road and as always the details take more time and money, so please help us to see this project complete.

Now as I write this update report, we have another team working here. The special nature of this one is a group of dentists, 6 of them came here to make people SMILE!!! . And they’ve managed to do that! THANK YOU GUYS!!! They are very committed and caring and therefore children who had not been willing to sit in the dental chair, have done so this week. These dentists being on a Mission Trip can take time to play with the kids and have some fun. As the relationships are built, based on trust, the kids are prepared to let the dentist do their work. Great to see it happen and I hope these guys with more coming next month, will really help our Dental Work to get the support it needs to operate throughout the year, not just when Mission Trip guests are here.

Well, I need to finish as I’m always the last and Mr Hoy will be shouting at me to not delay the process of all the Website updates this month. I’ve also got a very important meeting to be at in just over an hour. Guess where? – The Salonta Mayor office, discussing JFL Phase 2. I’ll let you know the update on that next month.

Thanks for all your support, love and prayers.

Keep in touch


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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