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A Thankful Heart – Children Outreach Programme

We were very happy to be able to visit several communities in the past few months, in order to bring COP’s to children, in villages and little towns where usually very little happens. And no, it is not about the police officers coming for us … Sorry, I made this joke so many times that it feels natural for me to also write it now for everyone to have heard it!

COP’s is about sharing with children. Be it songs, games, crafts, they receive and participate with great joy. And of course, it is about sharing the good Christian teaching in a simple and engaging manner that will help them understand the basic things we should all know about.Children's Outreach Programme Things about God and His world, about His love and compassion for people and the need we all have to be part of that. They also learn about how we should follow that example and love the people around us. This season we went with the Good Samaritan story that Jesus told himself, so this can only be ‘as good as it can gets’!

I wanted to mention this programme in our Thankful Hearts series because this is exactly what we’ve seen each and every time, everywhere we have been. Because the kids are not accustomed to cameras or interviews they couldn’t easily express it in words, but the question we were asked each time “Do you come back tomorrow?” tells it better and louder. But not only children – parents, teachers, even pastors are also very grateful to have our team in their village, doing something for their kids that is different, fun, educational and helps them understand things that a hundred religion lessons would never manage to do.Children's Outreach ProgrammeI would like to take this opportunity myself to say thank you to all of those who were part of these meetings. Mission trip visitors, as well as Romanian colleagues, they are all committed to make it a special day for these children! And they succeeded in a wonderful way, every time! So mine is yet another ‘thankful heart’!Children's Outreach Programme
Thank you also to all those who support this programme. This is part of a growing development for outreach activities for which Smiles is very keen to get involved even more, in smaller or larger communities, usually where no one else is doing anything. And of course you can find out more about this, as well as other Smiles 400 Faith Club programmes, by visiting our website and making sure you subscribe to receiving Smiles e-newsletter every month. That can be done on our Website Homepage.

Supporting the Smiles Children’s Outreach Programme (COP’s) can be done direct on line or by telephoning the office or through mail to our Leeds UK or Phoenix USA address.

Adi Matis
Project Coordinator for COP’s

Please watch the video message from our featured Thankful Heart

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