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From our CEO – News from Romania – July 2017

Dear Friends,

June 2017 has been an incredible month for The Smiles Foundation and I am thankful to God for His Goodness and Provision along with your continued support and commitment to the work.

An incredible month means anything but easy. It has been a frantically busy month but one in which I have seen so much achieved by many hands making the work lighter and more enjoyable for all concerned.

Of course, much of our focus has been on the Tileagd Assisted Living Facility (TAL) which has taken many hours of every day for many people working very hard to see the project come to a conclusion today – June 30th 2017.

More than 6 months ago, when we planned the project, it was difficult to know whether finishing by June 30th was realistic and at several points since the start of the major renovation work back in January we may have thought we had been too optimistic. But the great thing about a target, a deadline, is you have something to work towards. Without it, the timeline can stretch and stretch to the point you never get to where you want to be.

Well thanks to God and many faithful servants it has been proven we were not over optimistic.Tileagd Assisted Living Front

We may well have set ourselves a demanding challenge, but that’s OK and by working hard and being focused we have achieved our goal and today everything is in place and ready to function at the new Smiles Tileagd Assisted Living Facility.

On Monday July 3rd our new staff will report for duties and after an Induction Day to understand more about the Organisation and the Project they are working at – they will get to work with the detail of preparing the facility for residents. The first will arrive Wednesday (July 5th) and we expect to see an initial 10 residents to settle in within a week or so. This will be followed by a further 10 in a month or two and possibly closer to 30 residents by Christmas.Tileagd Assisted Living Dining Room

I ask you to pray for the new staff starting work with Smiles on Monday.

Some of our current staff are moving positions to take a larger responsibility at TAL. I ask you to pray for and support our management team in TAL who have already worked hard for us to be at this stage, but now the real work begins when residents arrive.

They will all need your prayers:
Georgi Opreanu – Director of Smiles Residential Facilities – JFL / ECO / TAL
Ligia Mitra – Manager of Tileagd Assisted Living
Geta Maghiar – Administrative Coordinator, Smiles Projects in Tileagd – TAL / School / Nursery / Medical
Ioana Pop – Social Assistant at Tileagd Assisted Living

We will also have Carers, Physiotherapist, Nurses, Doctor, Psychologist, Cleaners, Cooks and Security staff.
16 staff initially which will rise to 20 when residents increase beyond 15. And again when rising above 30. We anticipate when the facility is fully operational to have up to 24 staff for a capacity of 38 residents.

Tileagd Assisted Living Facility is an exciting project and I am looking forward to introducing the staff and facilities to all our visitors this month. It is a project that needs your support, whether in monthly sponsorship, fund-raising efforts, or special designated giving as and when possible.

The anticipated Budget is currently set at £5,500 ($7,150) per month. We need your support to provide this new opportunity to reach out to the people of Romania who feel forgotten and neglected and assure them of our love.

Thank you for doing what you can.

In addition to TAL this past month we had 2 great Mission Teams from America. One team from Louisiana who were here for 2 weeks and achieved so much in their limited time. They worked everywhere, including Tileagd and helped enormously in the challenge of getting everything ready.Mission Team at work

As they left, another team from Michigan arrived who focused primarily on a building project out at the Glasshouse in Arpasel. It was a very hot week and they worked under the sun with little shade for 9 hours every day. But what an incredible achievement made in a week. We are very thankful to the team for their hard work and wonderful support financially and in person for what was a genuine ‘Hands-On Mission Experience’.Arpasel in progress

July 1st – twenty two people arrive at the Mission Centre for a H.O.M.E. trip to Romania. We have so much to do I hope they will be ‘up to it’ – but from what I hear, they are excited and ready for some serious work and to make a difference in people’s lives through a variety of situations.

We have over 60 people arriving here this month and all will have an experience to change their life and hopefully a few of those they meet along the way.

If you haven’t been recently or ever – now is the time to check out the options and plan to come.

Spaces are limited this year, with October trips virtually full but December has availability so consider sharing the Joy of Christmas in Romania this year. We are also now taking bookings or reservations for 2018 but some weeks are already filling up fast, so don’t leave it too long before making your enquiries.

Legacy FlierI was very thankful for some wonderful support received this past month which when over and above out regular income makes for such an added blessing. Tileagd Assisted Living received a grant for £10,000 ($13,000) which helped us significantly as we face a £50,000 ($65,000) construction budget plus a £12,000 ($15,600) furnishing budget.

We were also blessed to receive a £20,000 ($26,000) legacy which was shared between ‘Doris’ Elderly Care Centre in Salonta (JFL) and Tileagd Complex Capital spend. Such gifts are so humbling. To know that people care so much about what we do each day that they have made provision, so that they continue to make Smiles in Romania even after they die.

For anyone who would like to consider making such plans for the future, write or call the office for a brochure to be forwarded for your consideration. Write, call or E-mail:

I have mentioned in recent months our plans for promotional tours in the UK and America this November.

Well all the plans seem to be coming together and the UK Tour Itinerary of Key Project Staff (Thankful Hearts Tour) is virtually finalised and will be detailed on our website under ‘Fund-Raising Events‘. Check out a date near you and book it now in your diary. You won’t want to miss the team who will have plenty to share of so many activities here in Romania.

Until the Tour – you can catch up on all the news by reading the new monthly reports from Maria – Memory Lane, Georgi – Exalted Times, Adi – delight of Summer, Barbara – Stand firm and Luke- Uncomfortable for God. All very interesting so take your time and don’t miss important news. We also have a report from one of our younger mission trippers, 8 year old Bryony, so take a read to see what she got up to.

We are also delighted to present another Thankful Heart story and video. I personally really enjoyed this one so I hope you will too.  A Thankful Heart – Mr Moise

Likewise, my schedule for America is shaping up and I hope to be visiting Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and Florida. That’s all in 18 days but however hectic it might seem, I would like to be visiting our many friends and supporters across the States, which includes you! I hope to be finalising the itinerary this coming month, so if I haven’t been in touch yet – watch out – I will be soon!!

Well, normally I write my monthly message a few days before publishing but this month, with all that has been happening, I only have 1 hour 35 minutes before July 1st arrives, so I should close up and save other thoughts until next month. But if you happen to be one of fortunate ones coming to Romania I’ll be happy to sit down and tell you all the others news I don’t have space or time to do here! Now do you wish you were coming?

Hope to see you soon whether in Romania, UK or America. Thank you for your prayers and tremendous support for all we do. May God richly bless you.

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Kevin Hoy
Chief Executive to
The Smiles Foundation


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