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From Luke, UK Development Ambassador, May 2021

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

Hello everyone

Back at the start of April, the 5th to be precise, we had our usual Monday morning prayer meeting in the Cihei offices when we pray for the week, people within Smiles, our broader family around the world and many other subjects as we dedicate the week to the Lord.

That was the first Monday when the new members of our Outreach team joined us. This meant our numbers swelled from 6 or 7 to 11 people, with Pastor Vasile also joining us. This was so wonderful, as we had been asking God to send the right people for these positions for some time, as many of you reading this have too.

As we were praying, I felt such a strong feeling of God’s presence with us all, in the Conference room. He was there with us and listening to every word that was said. All the requests, the praise and the thanks for a myriad of issues and by the end of the prayers, the feeling developed into a sense of great potential. Potential for the work that would be done, both existing and new ideas.

Some of the work that happens here in Romania is well known to you. From the COPS programme for kids;

Outreach in Rapa
To the home we make for our Elderly beneficiaries in our residential centres;

Activities in TAL
To the practical expression of Gods love through hard work of compassion and caring;

Practical Help
These all impact people here and communicate God’s message to them in the specific way they need to hear it.

The Outreach team are working hard to increase the ways that we can witness for the Lord. So that we can communicate effectively with more people, in more varied groups.

There are fantastic Evangelistic events in the pipeline that we have not done before, concerts, Bible courses tailored to groups, men, women and kids. Plus, much, much more!

We passionately believe that God is working here and preparing peoples hearts and minds to hear from Him. The last year or so has been extremely tough for many people here in Romania, as with people everywhere, but He wants to give His peace and love to them now when they need it more than ever.

As it says in Luke 10:2: He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

The harvest is ready here in Romania, so many people need to hear God’s message and truth, but the workers are few. We need your help, our amazing Smiles family who care so much, to continue to help.

Gradually, restrictions are lifting in the UK and more options will be open to us all again. This will include Mission trips, we have dates available for Mission trips later in the summer, autumn and winter of this year. Plus, I trust 2022 will be completely open from restrictions, so please look to then if 2021 is too soon for you.

We are eager to welcome you and many others to Smiles and to get trips going again like we have had every year, bar 2020, since 1995.

Of course, we also have the May Virtual Mission Trip! The first and second trips in March and April were excellent events and despite the physical distance, between the team and the guests who joined us, it was full of friendship and fellowship.

We fully expect the Virtual trip scheduled May 24th-28th to be the same, as we hear from the projects, via some brilliantly recorded videos and live segments too.

It may not be the same dynamic as being here in person, but it is still full of impact, challenges and blessings. In the first two Virtual trips the stories that we heard, in the interviews with beneficiaries on video, were often sad in places but finished with thankfulness for God’s provision through Smiles that has changed their situations.

For many of us, knowing these people and their stories is a major part of the motivation to keep returning to Romania and keep working hard to support the work here. The Virtual Mission trip is a great way to keep in touch with the frontline of that work, until you can join us, on the frontline, once again.

This on top of the fact that it avoids the issues with travel and tests etc means this could be the best option for you. I urge you to sign up for it and take advantage of this opportunity. The Smiles Foundation » New for 2021 – Virtual Mission Trips

Until we see you, we pray you stay safe and well!
May God bless you all,

Luke Wathen
Smiles UK Ambassador

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