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"The Show Must Go On"

Georgi at Rebeca and Gabi's wedding

“The Show Must Go On” Georgi – June 2018

I was telling you in my last report about the wind of change that blows over Smiles and sometimes blows over our life. Even if it is not easy we need to embrace it because God promised us that if we stay within His plan, He will always be with us and fight for us.

So “the show must go on” because it is not us that plans it and has the vision of helping people, but God himself is directing us in everything that we are doing and we really want to stay under His direction.

The few months that have passed since I wrote my last report were full of challenges as all months tend to be, but when I look back and see how many people we help and brought joy into their life, I know that everything was worth it.

The wind of change blows over Gepiu too. This is what I wrote in my last report “Gepiu Community Centre…not yet hit by the wind of change, but who knows what God has in His plan. Whatever will happen, I know God will provide for all of those children we help. He did in the past, I am sure He will continue to be faithful.”

Ana Maria the teacher assistant, in April found another job in Oradea, closer to her home and decided to take the opportunity. We lost a member of staff there, and it is not easy for the ones who remain faithful to their calling, but I saw in them even more commitment to help these children and being ready to go the extra mile so the children won’t feel abandoned. This was the sad news, but the fabulous news is that the children can go to camp, which is such a blessing for those kids, and I want to thank all of those that made this possible. Please continue to pray for Ioana and the staff there to see God’s Hand on everything they do and not to fall on fatigue in doing well.
Gepiu team
Some people are going but many more are staying and continue to do the work that God entrusted them with. All of you that have come to JFL, our Centre in Salonta, will know our social worker Rebeca. She started to work with us in her last year of university almost 5 years ago, but when she told me that she is getting married with Gabi from Cluj (200km) I’ve was very happy for her, but then I panicked…I wasn’t ready for her to leave. Then I started to pray for a miracle, but to be honest I was pretty sure they will decide to move in Cluj where they have so many more opportunities than in Salonta.

God surprised me and one day Rebeca was telling me they decided to stay in Salonta and continue the work she is doing. The surprises continue as starting this month, Gabi will work for Smiles assisting in the work we do. I admire both of them because they had the courage to put God’s ministry above their personal needs and ambition and I am very sure God will bless their lives in so many ways. On May 13th they got married and part of Smiles family was celebrating with them this important day of their life. We wish them a happy life together and God’s blessing to be upon them every day. Please keep them in your prayers.Rebeca and Gabi's wedding

Having in mind that I will write this report I was looking back over the months that past and the first thing that came in my mind was a face, Romolica’s face from Salonta. Some of you may remember her. She is they lady that for many years lived in a caravan because the piece the land that was under it was the only thing she had.
Last time I went to visit her was last year in her caravan. The conditions were very poor and some neighbours were helping with the cleaning and food when they could.

In February she had very serious health problems and she was hospitalized. Unfortunately, she suffered a surgery and one leg had to be amputated. In this condition she could not live on her own anymore and she called for help, as soon as we had a bed available she came in the Centre, and I am so glad to see her well cared for, clean and fed properly. God in this way shows us once again He will take care for those that put their trust in Him. Romolica is just one of many cases where we can see how their lives are transformed after they come in our centres. But it is not easy to ensure the Centre is there when someone needs it. We need your help to ensure our centres are there month by month.

Earlier this year we had one case in Oradea were Dr. Diana was very concerned about a patient that came to us from hospital after a stroke. Her medical condition was very poor but because all the team worked together (doctors, nurses, physio therapist, carers) to help her, after 3 months she was well enough to go back home. When she left we were sorry, but also very thankful she could handle basic things on her own. Days like this make us want to come back to work tomorrow and the next day too!

Ligia recently sent me a picture with a lady from Tileagd Assisted Living facility, that is walking again with some help. For those that don’t know her, nothing spectacularly, but for us that have seen her at her home before she came, where family had to do everything for her, and for years she didn’t walk, this is indeed a miracle and again evidence of the benefit of this Centre. The benefit is not just in the fact somebody will care for them, give treatment, feed them, but the way they do it, with love and compassion wanting the best for the person they care for and cherish with them every little progress they make.

We wait all winter for spring, and finally it arrived. In all our Centres we did all kinds off outside activities – barbeque, going to the park, visiting the local resort, Baile Felix as well as Pampering our residents along with many other activities. And because pictures speak more than words I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thank you for all our mission trippers that helped us make some dreams become reality, put aside time and money to come and bring smiles, joy, happiness in so many lives. May God bless you and reward all your efforts.

Georgi Lazau
Director of Smiles Residential Care
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